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In this Christmas Issue, we look at our Christmas Gift voucher offer and we report on our new Woodland Tracker Course.

We also let you know what exciting projects we've got in the pipe-line.

Prep for next Year!

We're already preparing for next year. There's some exciting new projects and events planned (more about these in our Spring Newsletter). You can see the courses we've loaded up on our Course dates page and we've scheduled our events, talks and bepoke courses on our Course and Events Calendar. We've already got a packed pogramme and we've even taken a few bookings; so if you want to come on one of our courses, we encourage you to book early.

Current List of Courses

Here's our current course list:

Countryside and Woodland
Awareness Course

Family Bushcraft & Tracking

Woodland Crafts Course
Wilderness Camp Course
Wilderness Immersion Course
Family/Family Pairs Courses
Bespoke Individual

Bespoke Groups

Pick and Mix

Advanced Courses

If there is no date available next to the course, select "Register Interest" to receive information when a course is available.

Cold Feet

Out and about this holiday? Keep warm by remembering this mnemonic:
CLEAN - Keep clothing CLEAN. Dirty clothing will have lower insulation properties.

OVERHEATING – Avoid OVERHEATING. Sweating makes clothing wet and subsequently chills.

LOOSE and in LAYERS – Wear clothing LOOSE and in LAYERS. Trapped air insulates. When working, loosen clothing to allow ventilation and cooling, or remove layers.

Keep clothing DRY. Dry out socks, boots and underclothes in your sleeping bag using body heat.

FIT your clothing properly. Take time to adjust your clothes, especially around ankles, waist, neck, head and wrists.

EXERCISE face, fingers and toes. Regular exercise of these parts keeps the blood circulating.

EAT regularly and keep hydrated. Food is energy – Avoid Alcohol which causes blood to flow near the surface of the skin, thereby losing heat.

TIGHT BOOTS ARE TERRIBLE – They constrict the blood flow, which contributes to cold feet and ultimately to frost-bite. Keep feet dry and keep your boots waterproofed.

Seasons Greetings

Woodlife Trails wishes everyone a very
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We would also like to extend our thanks to everyone who has come on our courses and supported us on our journey this year. If you want to know what you missed, go to our 2011 Review on YouTube.

Gift voucher

It's not too late!! No self-respecting Chritsmas Newsletter would be complete without offering Gift Vouchers!! We're no exception. And we do have a superb offer! If you are stuck for something to get for Christmas try this unique gift.

What if you want a Gift Voucher for yourself? Easy! If you want a Woodlife Trails course as a gift - just print off this newsletter and leave it in an obvious position around the house. Another good tip is to leave your computer on accidentally at the Gift Voucher Offer page and hope your partner / family notices! If not - give us a call. We'll say it was our mistake!

Woodland Tracker Course Success

Our Woodland Tracker Course piloted in November was a complete success. We have developed tracking techniques specifically designed for the British woodland. The particpants gave us some great feedback and we intend to take every comment on board to continue to develop the course; but fundementally, the course will not change.

All the tracker pairs, without exception, managed to track an animal to close quarters and the close-encounters were quite extraordinary. So well done everyone! If you would like to come on next year's Woodland Tracker Course, please see the Woodland Tracker Course page on the web. This is an intermeditae course and we do recommend you attend a Wilderness Immersion Course first.

Hatfield Forest

We continue our association with the National Trust and we now run all our courses in the Forest. The Forest is a special place and, not only will you receive expert tuition from Woodlife Trails staff, you will experience the wonderful ambience of Britain's 'Last Forest'.

The forest is managed but has never been ploughed or adversely interfered with by modern machinery. All the features like the coppiced woodland, the grassy plains and the woodbanks are more or less as they were 1,000 years ago. You will see some magnificent trees between 800 - 1200 years old. If you join us on a weekend course, we will take you through the forest at night. A wonderful experience. Join us on this special adventure.

...And Finally...

Have a look at our main website The Woodlife Trails menu area covers all our courses and events for next year.
Don't forget to pay a visit to our YouTube Site. We have a new video which Reviews what we've been up to in 2011. We're also on Facebook and Twitter.
As always leave a comment or join the Woodlife Network Community (it's free!) and discover a new world of Wildlife, Tracking and Bushcraft!
Have a great Christmas.
Pablo & JP.
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