Woodlife Trails Newsletter - Spring 2013
In this issue we look at what is in store for spring and into summer. We will also let you know what exciting projects we've got in the pipe-line.


Welcome to our Spring 2013 Newsletter

We are kicking off 2013 with a great programme of events and courses.
Bookings are going well so if you would like to come on a course at Hatfield Forest, have a look at the course list and book up before all the places go.

Current List of Courses

Here's our current list of courses

Family Bushcraft & Tracking Day

Family Bushcraft & Wildcamp Weekend
Family Pairs Course
Wilderness Camp Course
Wilderness Immersion Course
Woodland Tracker Course
Bespoke Group & Individual


If there is no date available next to the course, select "Register Interest" to receive information when a course is available.

Diploma 2013

It's not too late to join our 2013 Diploma intake. We have 2 new participants this year as well as the 7 from last year who have nearly completed Level one.
This a great opportunity to learn bushcraft, tracking and natural history from the ground up. If you don't want to do all the assigments, you don't have to. The Diploma gives you access to all our courses and events for a year absolutely free! Go to the Diploma page for more information.

Show Time...

Once again we will taking to the road and we will be attending a number of shows this year. We will be helping the National Trust at Hatfield Forest by running two Wild Camping Experience weekends later on in the summer.
We will also be attending the Bushcraft Show at the end of May. We will, as normal, be doing tracking workshops and natural camouflage demos. 
JP's ever-increasing managerie will be coming along including Silver and Winter - the ferrets, Spock the Ashy-faced barn owl and Harry the Harris Hawk. We will have our popular "Table of Death" full of skulls, scat, skins and other Natural History exhibits.
Pablo will again take to the stage and talk about Tracking.
The Wilderness Gathering will be taking place in Wiltshire during August and our local event, the National Trust's Woodfest, will be held in September at Hatfield Forest. We will also be attending various country shows this year. Keep an eye on our events by visiting our Course and Events calendar page.

Countryside Courses

We are busy developing our countryside series of courses. These courses are designed for you to rediscover old skills of country-folk like snaring, trapping, ferreting, stalking (for DSC level 1 & 2), game prep and cooking, and even falconry.
We have already run a pilot Warrener's course in February to great effect. As Lee Saxby from Vivobarefoot (one of the nine participants) said, "Context is everything. This is putting Bushcraft and Tracking into practice for real. An amazing course."
Keep visiting the "about the courses page" for further details of our countryside course.
(See Lee's talk about natural human locomotion on Vivo's website.)

Offers and Discounts

Visit our * New * offers and discounts page to get the best bargains from our courses.
We know that perhaps funds may be tight this year - but a small investment will give you knowledge for a lifetime!
There's a course for everyone including young adventurers - so keep an eye on the Offers page.
We are delighted to announce our continued partnership with the National Trust. We have vacated our old site at Street Coppice to rejuvenate the area. We are now lucky enough to have a new site at Collin's Coppice, which is nearer facilities and errr... the Cafe! The area is full of wildlife and will be ideal for all our courses including our Immersion Course in April. Read about our association with the National Trust.

Instructor's Module

We are on track to start our first instructor's module this April. This programme is designed to take potential instructors through a professional route to becoming a Woodlife Trails qualified instructor capable of instructing up to our level two courses.
The programme is designed around the teaching industry's standard
Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) and will take participants about a year to complete. To be eligable, participants must have completed level one of our Diploma.
It will be hard work for them, and we wish them all the best. For a list of WoodlifeTrails staff and assistants have a look at our Instructors and staff page.

As usual we will be promoting Tick Awareness week from 24th - 30th March. Our TickWatch programme runs throughout the spring and early summer.
Have a good read via the link above to see why we need to look after ourselves in the woods against these nasty little arachnids.

...And Finally...

Have a look at our main website There is something there for everyone.
As always leave a comment or join the Woodlife Network Community (it's free!) and discover a new world of Bushcraft, Tracking and Natural History.
Have a great spring.
Pablo & JP.
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