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Reflection on my Confirmation Verse
by Mason Rumohr

“We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.”
2 Corinthians 4:8-9

My grade has every reason to be sad, depressed, and cry every day. We have had to go through things that most people never experience and never should. In the summer before we went into 7th grade, a friend and classmate died from being hit by a car. The whole town of Pewaukee was affected, and especially my grade. That by itself is more than any kid should have to go through. Then, on September 13, 2018, another friend and classmate died in his sleep. No one should have to go to a funeral of their own friend when they haven’t even graduated high school yet. My grade has had two classmates pass away. We could just give up this school year, and our teachers would just try and help us through it with no punishment. But none of us has. God has been there.

The day the most recent classmate died, we had a football game that afternoon. We are a team that hasn’t lost since 7th grade, but we have never been on the level that we played on that night. Every play we were thinking of our friend and how God helped us through it. We didn’t even let the other team score. They only made it across midfield twice. That’s how motivated we were. But there was also the aspect of God to it. I truly do not believe we would have been able to play like that or even keep our composure without the help of him. He put a vigor in us that night so strong that no one else could have. It’s not just my grade or me — all of us, most likely, have had to go through something that hurt us, troubled us, and made us wonder why that had to happen. But everything happens for a reason.

The wrestling team at my school has a motto: “Don’t count how many times I get knocked down — count how many times I get up.” I think that this ties in with the quote from the Bible. They both represent people going through things but always getting up — whether that may be getting over a loss of someone, getting over an injury, or a relationship. These last years of Confirmation have taught me that. If that night on the football field had happened before I had taken Confirmation, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But now that I have had the opportunity to learn about God and his amazing powers, I know it was him. He has helped blind people see, deaf people hear, and broken people heal. I have had the great privilege of being taught by people that truly do care about every one of us being confirmed. They were always eager to answer questions that we had and they were always patient with us.

This Bible verse is the most meaningful to me because at times I have felt like I have been hunted down, pressed on every side, and I’m sure you have too. But you got through it. It may have taken time and other things to help heal the pain, but you got through it, and God was with you every step of the way. Because he never gives up on us. He gave his life for us so that our sins could be forgiven. I was taught that God will always forgive your sins and will help you until you find relief in bad situations. God is always watching over all of us. He always has and always will be.

- Mason Rumohr

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Prepare the Royal Highway  
Wednesday Evening Advent Worship 2018
Highways, pathways, gates, and journeys figure prominently in the imagery of Advent. We hear the voice shouting, “Prepare the way of the Lord! Make straight the path!” We witness the unexpected detours for Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary and Joseph. We make way in our hearts and lives for our God.

December 12         Standing at the Crossroads
Decisions, decisions, decisions. As did many people in our Advent Bible readings, we sometimes find ourselves in situations which require a brave choice. When standing at a crossroads, do you also choose the leap of faith?

December 19        Detour Ahead
The unexpected inevitably happens. The planned route is no longer our path. Instead, God chooses the most radical detour of all: coming to our world in human form.
Join us each Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. for Advent Worship with Holy Communion—All are Welcome!
Wednesday Night Bible Study 
Join us in the library at 7:15 for "Gospel According to the Simpsons". Each Wednesday night we will watch an episode and discuss how it relates to bible teaching. All ages are welcome.


2019 Adult Mission Trip
Sponsored by St. Luke’s, Waukesha; Dr. Martin Luther, Oconomowoc;
Atonement, Muskego; Christ the King, Delafield; All Saint’s, Wales
WHAT:  Hurricane recovery on the ocean at Camp Ablemarle in Newport, North Carolina.
Thousands of homes are in need of repair following this year’s hurricane season. It will take many
years for families to recover from the wide-spread disaster brought about by hurricanes Michael and Florence. This year’s trip will focus on helping folks in the southeastern part of the country recover.
At this point, it’s too early in recovery efforts to know the exact locate of our work site. So, we’re
inviting people to put on a servant’s heart and go where God sends us.

WHEN:  Early Saturday, February 23 to Sunday, March 3
WORK:  This trip is about serving the neighbor in need. We will be cleaning up and rebuilding homes. There will be a variety of needs presented to us. People with all levels of technical ability will find meaningful work. Some may be put to work cleaning. Others may spend the week drywalling or
working with electrical and plumbing. We will not know what is needed until we are on the ground.
We go as servants carrying new life to God’s people.
VOLUNTEER COSTS: Approximately $400 per person. Fees paid will cover transportation and
lodging, food while at our worksite, and programmatic expenses. Participants will need to cover food on the road and any other personal incidentals that arise on the trip.
TRANSPORTATION:  Rental vans – 15-passenger style OR the option of flying to destination

TARGET COUNT:  50 volunteers

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 6:30 pm at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Waukesha
We expect this trip to fill up quickly, so registration will be first come, first served.

I am interested in going on the Mission Trip.
(Return this portion to Pastor Kim as soon as possible.)



Phone Number:_________________

Adult Christian Education Opportunity
Sunday at 10:15 am
NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Whether you read your Bible regularly and have participated in Bible study for many years OR you don’t even know where your Bible is, YOU ARE WELCOME!
Our sessions are “drop-in friendly.” We encourage regular attendance but understand that sometimes schedules don’t allow for it. Please know that if you’ve missed sessions, you’re always welcome to attend.

December 16        Post Children’s Christmas Program Party
December 23        Christmas in the Four Gospels with Pastor Kim
December 3o        Fellowship (Christmas Break)

The schedule is subject to change, but changes will be posted as soon as they are known.

Please plan to join us for learning and fun—the more, the merrier!


The Word for Your Week  
The questions relate to the highlighted passage for the day.

Prayer for the Week
Stir up our hearts, Lord God, to prepare the way of your only Son. By his coming give to all the people of the world knowledge of your salvation; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.
Sunday, December 9:  Malachi 3:1-4    Philippians 1:3-11    Luke 3:1-
As you read this passage, does the prophesy of the coming refiner’s fire and the fuller’s soap bring feelings of hope or dread to you? Both? Explain.
Monday, December 10: Psalm 126        Isaiah 40:1-11        Romans 8:22-25
These famous words of Paul remind us what hope is and isn’t. What are some(unseen)things for which you hope? Do you wait patiently or impatiently?
Tuesday, December 11:     Psalm 126    Isaiah 19:18-25            2 Peter 1:2-15
This is an interesting passage which describes a time when present day political enemies (Egypt, Syria and Israel) are, together, a “blessing in the midst of the earth.” In light of current political realities, what does it mean to read these words of the Lord through the prophet Isaiah: “Blessed be Egypt my people, an Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel my heritage.”?
Wednesday, December 12:    Psalm 126    Isaiah 35:3-7           Luke 7:18-30
This is a psalm which expresses pure joy. How has God brought such joy into your life?
Personal tidbit: verse 3 is engraved inside my hubby’s wedding band.

Thursday, December 13: Isaiah 12:2-6     Amos 6:1-8            2 Corinthians 8:1-15
This passage is also known as the “First Song of Isaiah.” Do you resonate with the prophet’s enthusiasm and trust—especially as expressed in verse 2? Why or why not? How might you grow in faith and thanksgiving?
Friday, December 14:   Isaiah 12:2-6    Amos 8:4-12            2 Corinthians 9:1-15
The prophet Amos doesn’t mince words when speaking about God’s anger toward those who mistreat the poor. How does this passage challenge you to change your way of thinking? Your actions?
Saturday, December 15:     Isaiah 12:2-6    Amos 9:8-15           Luke 1:57-66
The birth of John the Baptist is told in this passage. His father, Zechariah, has his voice restored when he obeys God’s command to name the baby John. How would you feel if it was said about your newborn, “For, indeed, the hand of the Lord was with him.”?
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This Week's Events

Monday, December 10
6:30 pm  Council Meeting at Pastor Kim’s home

Tuesday, December 11
 6:30 pm  Adult Mission Trip Kickoff Meeting at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Waukesha
 7:00 pm  Dart Ball - Away

Wednesday, December 12  
5:00 pm  Joyful Voices Singers (grades 1-8)
5:30 pm  Joyful Praise Handbells (grades 4-8)
6:30 pm  Advent Worship with Holy Communion
7:15 pm  Confirmation
Adult Bible Study
Last day to order Poinsettias

Thursday, December 13
4:00 pm  Full Staff Meeting
6:30 pm  Resurrection Ringers Handbells
7:20 pm  Sanctuary Choir

Sunday, December 16
9:00 am  Sunday School Christmas Program
with Holy Communion
Kringle Pickup
10:15 am  Christmas Program Cookie Reception
We Pray For:
Prayers for our country, those serving in the armed forces, and our leaders

- Jeanne Kunath,
- Ellen, Susan Daniel's cousin
- Cindy Evinrude
- JR, Beth Berger's cousin
- Tom Stone, friend of the Perrigo's
- Lauren, Bob Kunath's granddaughter
- Jim & Jill Ardis, friends of Salstrom's
- Shirley, mother of Gail Wojtkunski
- Benny Thielitz
- Kathy Klockow
- Zachary, Barb Mayer's great grandson
- Amber Ove
- Art & Nancy Mitchel, friends of the Perrigo's
- Lisa (Mihas) Nelson-Sauer
- Quinn
-  Michael, Sue Hader's grandson
- Jean
- Jeff, cousin of Diane Kollmeyer
- Jim & Jim, friends of Sue Hader
- Michelle Thalacker
- Eli Hansen, student of Katie Rumohr
- Gloria Mayra, mother of Lyn Owsiak
- Mary
- Vivienne, mother of Sarah Bergman
- Ruth Bergman, mother of Mark Bergman
- Dan Laatsch, brother of Christa Thalacker
- Luella Laske, grandmother of Chris & Michelle Thalacker
- Linda Niemuth, friend of Zells
- Phil, nephew of Pat Faherty
- Michael Wojtkunski
- Eileen Walker, friend of Shawn Motley
- Gus Frank, friend of the Donkel's
- Dave Hicks and Mike Sadler, friends of Larry Donkle
- All those affected by the wildfires in California
- John Kornely
- Josh, nephew of Pat Faherty  
- Dick Manke
- William Fincher, great nephew of Sattler's
- Karen Witte, friend of the Salstrom's
Birthdays This Week:

Frederick, Cannon
Sullivan, Darrin
Zell, Kylee

Motley, Shawn
Rumohr, Madaline

Kilmer, Joshua
Wesolowski, Lynn

Breitzman, Dianne

Black, Megan
Losinske, Susan
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