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Hope Center Breakfast
I give thanks for the generosity of our congregation … for their time and treasures. On January 26 (-18° F at sunrise), several members joyfully served breakfast to 30 people at the Hope Center in Waukesha. These volunteers and other Church of the Resurrection members donated the food (ham, egg bakes, fruit, bagels, muffins, pastries, milk and juice) that was served.

The Hope Center provides numerous programs, including Outreach Meals. Last year, the Hope Center and its many volunteers served more than 12,000 meals to about 1,000 individuals. More than 14,000 volunteer hours helped serve those meals. Through local support, nearly $200,000 worth of food was donated. Every meal served allows Hope Center guests to save money, which in turn can help provide shelter. Additionally, the social component is priceless.
Thank you for visiting with Hope Center guests and helping support the Hope Center and the many people it serves.
To learn more about the Hope Center, go to:

- JoDee Sattler

Our Faith Community

Scholarship Applications
Now Available Online!

The Education Team is happy to announce that the scholarship application has been posted on the COR website for any interested applicants. Applicants must be attending a Lutheran university or college.

Scholarships will be given for the 2019/2020 school year. See the application at for more details and deadlines.
It’s that time again—time to sign up for lay ministry! Any openings that are not filled are still assigned as in the past. If you know you have a conflict for particular dates, let the office know so you are not scheduled:

Following is the link to sign up for Lay Ministry slots in March 2019:

The Safe Babies Healthy Families program's mission is to support families to ensure safe and healthy children through education, support and resources — ultimately ending destructive cycles that can last for generations. We offer prenatal services, childbirth education, parenting programs and play groups. Individualized case management is provided through home visits until the child is kindergarten-ready.
To achieve this, we use a compassionate, holistic approach to mentor and assist at-risk families to create health, social and financial supports. These supports are critical to a safe and stable future. We match parents with a caring professional who acts as a life coach to help them build skills and embrace opportunities that will create lasting, positive change. Ideally, we start working with clients during pregnancy — a critical time to address concerns and needs before the baby arrives to a period of crisis.
Our families remain in our program voluntarily until their child is kindergarten-ready. By partnering with parents who have endured hardships, we celebrate their success as they change the future of their children.

We strive to:
•    prevent child abuse and neglect
•    provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues
•    increase parent knowledge of early child development and improve parenting practices
•    increase children’s school readiness and success.

Save the Date for Vacation Bible School 2019!
This summer, we will be traveling "To Mars and Beyond" with VBS. Mark your calendar for Monday through Thursday, June 24-27, 5:30-7:30 pm. VBS is for children ages 3 through 5th grade (yes, 5th-graders, we've changed our age range so you can still be part of the fun!). Stay tuned for more information in March.

The Word for Your Week…
The reflections/questions relate to the highlighted passage for the day.

Prayer for your Week
Most holy God, the earth is filled with your glory, and before you angels and saints stand in awe. Enlarge our vision to see your power at work in the world, and by your grace make us heralds of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.
Sunday, February 10: Isaiah 6:1-13    I Corinthians 15:1-11       Luke 5:1-11
Have you ever been told to do something that seemed utterly ridiculous? Did you do it anyway? Why or why not?  Does it matter who asks you? Explain.
Monday, February 11:     Psalm 115      Judges 5:1-11     1 Corinthians 14:26-40
In this passage, we read Paul’s admonition for women to be silent in church. We in the ELCA (and other ‘mainline’ denominations) interpret that portion of the text on the basis of its context—a deeply patriarchal religion and society which afforded privilege only to a certain category of men. Other faith traditions use this passage to prevent women from holding leadership positions in the church. What is your reaction when you read vss. 34-35? Explain.
Tuesday, February 12:     Psalm 115      1 Samuel 9:15-10:1b    1 Timothy 3:1-9
The psalmist compares the God of Israel to the man made idols of silver and gold. God is active and faithful to his people, while idols do nothing. Although we do not worship literal golden calves, what are some of the man made idols which distract us from our one true God? Why do they have such a pull on us?
Wednesday, February 13:     Psalm 115    Isaiah 8:1-15            Luke 5:27-32
In this brief passage, Jesus is challenged by the scribes and Pharisees about his practice of eating and drinking with sinners. Jesus responds by saying that he has come to heal the sick, not the well; to call the sinners, not the righteous. Why is this good news for us? Why didn’t the scribes and Pharisees think Jesus’ words and actions were good news?

Thursday, February 14:     Psalm 1     Jeremiah 13:12-19    Acts 13:26-34
How is it that we would ever heed the advice of the wicked instead of following the law of the Lord? The psalmist speaks of the happiness of those who are righteous and obedient. What temptations could lure you to the ‘path of wickedness?’ Explain.
Friday, February 15:    Psalm 1        Jeremiah 13:20-27    1 Peter 1:17-2:1
This letter is somewhat of a primer for living the life of a follower of Jesus. We are to take on ever deeper love and trust, and “rid ourselves of all malice, guile, insincerity, envy and slander.”  With which of these do you struggle more: taking on a deeper level of good or ridding yourself of vices? Explain.
Saturday, February 16:     Psalm 1      Jeremiah 17:1-4        Luke 11:24-28
Jeremiah prophesies the punishment which Judah will receive for her unfaithfulness. How does this announcement of consequences for sin contrast with John the Baptist’s and Jesus’ calls to repentance? Explain.
Family Directory
Our Church of the Resurrection Family Directory is available for viewing or printing at:
(If you don't know the password please contact the church office.)

If your picture is missing or your family information isn’t correct, please contact the directory team at:

In addition, John Tompsett or Lynn Meyer will be available to take your directory picture after any Sunday church services in December.
If you want to make a special contribution or just simplify your life, there is an on-line giving option for you.  Just click HERE
This Week's Events

Tuesday, February 12
5:30 pm Human Concerns Meeting
7:00 pm Dart Ball - Away

Wednesday, February 13
5:00 pm Joyful Voices Singers (grades 1-8)
5:30 pm Joyful Praise Handbells (grades 4-8)
6:30 pm Worship with Holy Communion
7:15 pm Confirmation

Thursday, February 14
4:00 pm Full Staff Meeting
6:30 pm Resurrection Ringers Handbells
7:20 pm Sanctuary Choir

Saturday, February 16
8:30 am SOPHIA Meeting
9:00 am Greater Milwaukee Synod: Together in Mission

Sunday, February 17
9:00 am Worship with Holy Communion
Installation of New Council Members
Sunday School
10:15 am Adult Education
We Pray For:
Prayers for our country, those serving in the armed forces, and our leaders

- Jeanne Kunath,
- Cindy Evinrude
- JR, Beth Berger's cousin
- Tom Stone, friend of the Perrigo's
- Lauren, Bob Kunath's granddaughter
- Jim & Jill Ardis, friends of Salstrom's
- Shirley, mother of Gail Wojtkunski
- Benny Thielitz
- Kathy Klockow
- Zachary, Barb Mayer's great grandson
- Amber Ove
- Art & Nancy Mitchel, friends of the Perrigo's
- Lisa (Mihas) Nelson-Sauer
- Quinn
-  Michael, Sue Hader's grandson
- Jean
- Jeff, cousin of Diane Kollmeyer
- Jim & Jim, friends of Sue Hader
- Michelle Thalacker
- Eli Hansen, student of Katie Rumohr
- Gloria Mayra, mother of Lyn Owsiak
- Mary
- Vivienne, mother of Sarah Bergman
- Ruth Bergman, mother of Mark Bergman
- Dan Laatsch, brother of Christa Thalacker
- Luella Laske, grandmother of Chris & Michelle Thalacker
- Linda Niemuth, friend of Zells
- Phil, nephew of Pat Faherty
- Eileen Walker, friend of Shawn Motley
- Gus Frank, friend of the Donkel's
- Dave Hicks and Mike Sadler, friends of Larry Donkle
- John Kornely
- Josh, nephew of Pat Faherty  
- Dick Manke
- Karen Witte, friend of the Salstrom's
- Kelly Schlegel
- Joe & Deanna Jordan, in-laws of Pastor Kim
- Levie
- Jenny
- Cory Richardson, son of Kay Richardson
- Ethan Chapman, fiance' of a friend of Shawn Motley
Prayers Loss of Loved One:
- Barbara Palovcsik, mother of Mike Palovcsik
- Tyler Hendrickson, nephew of Pastors Lindsay and Kimberly Jordan
- Jim Hoffmann, nephew of Bob Kunath
Birthdays This Week:

Kildow, Jeffrey
Nelson, Olivia

Kollmeyer, Michael

Swenson, Kristine
Zell, Tammy

Bazylewicz, Adam
Porubcan, Margaret

Kleimenhagen, Betty

Gukich, Andrea
Pastoral Emergency?  
Church office (Mon-Thur 9 am - 4 pm) 
(Fridays 9 am - 2 pm)


Pastor Kimberly Jordan : 262-825-0723 (Cell)
Church of the Resurrection
Pewaukee WI


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