March 11 - 17

Resurrection Voices

Together in Mission Event Reflection

Cast out your nets into the deep water…  The fifth chapter of Luke talks about catching people instead of fish as we follow Jesus.  I had the privilege of attending the workshop event presented by the synod on Saturday, February 16 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Brookfield.  The theme for the day was “Together in Mission” which explored a multitude of ways for us to more effectively cast out our nets.  Almost 300 people including Pastors, Rostered leaders, staff members, lay people and congregational members gathered to explore a multitude of topics.  Our church was well represented, and each of us were able to attend two workshops. The seven of us were able to bring back great information.  There was energy in each of the sessions I attended that was sparked by a true desire to improve upon the churches each of us serve.  

The first workshop I attended was on Church Councils. I am grateful for the information provided in regards to our formal paperwork (i.e. constitution, by-laws, continuing resolutions) and the approved way of conducting business. The other workshop was on the topic of staffing, for not only paid staff, but also our volunteer resources.  We discussed matching people to positions rather than just filling spots and growing our already incredible list of lay people.  

While there is much to be done here at COR, I was encouraged to discover that we are poised and ready to begin working as a more disciple based congregation.  I’m so excited to see where God’s plan takes us!  
 ~ Jeni McCullough

For me, attending this workshop brought about a bit of déjà vu.  St. John’s in Brookfield is where I attended Diakonia classes for two years.  The first thing I noticed was that there were some of the pastors that had been instructors at this event as well as some of my classmates.  

Like Jeni, I too attended the workshop on Church Councils.  One thing we learned is that Church of the Resurrection is doing a pretty good job with the updates we have made with regards to our constitution, by-laws, and continuing resolutions.  There is still work to do, but we should be proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far.  Unfortunately there was too much material and not nearly enough time (a common issue of the day) and we did not get specifically into how to more efficiently run council meetings, which was something I was hoping to learn more about.

The second workshop I attended was “Why Not? Insights on Millennials BY Millennials (Aliliywa Mbise)”.  It was presented by two millennials, Aliliywa Mbsie and Rev. Alissa Kretzmann Farrar of Lake Park Lutheran Church in Milwaukee.  One thing we learned in this workshop was that we all faced similar issues at that age in our life.  One of the biggest differences with millennials is the technology they’ve grown up with.  They are exposed to everything as it’s happening, including 9/11, terrorist attacks and school shootings.  We learned that it’s not that they DON’T want to be part of church, but they want to know they are welcomed there. They want to be able to dress in clothes that they are comfortable in, that allows them to just be themselves, and to know they are accepted the way they are.  Overall, it was a pretty insightful workshop.
~ Lisa Schulte

Did you know that 6,000-10,000 churches are projected to fail this year across the US ?  That is all denominations, not just the ELCA. I find that fact truly shocking, and that was the subject of my afternoon session at Together In Mission. The session was called Reimagining Church and we discussed falling membership in some churches but not in others.  Why ?  Cultural differences ? Missions ? Demographics ?  The people are there, how do we attract them ?

The morning session I attended was LGBTQIAA+ What do all those letters mean anyway?.  This was my real reason for attending .  COR is a RIC (Reconciled In Christ) Congregation.  So, who are we welcoming?  Everyone of every gender is welcome.  What is every gender? There are new letters, even a "+" sign   I was not confident that I truly understood what each letter and symbol meant.  The session was very informative and at times somewhat emotional.  We are all created by God.  Each has gifts to share.   All are welcome in this place.   
~Jim Daniels

Our Faith Community

Safe Babies, Healthy Families Appeal
Please take an empty baby bottle from the basket in the narthex, fill it with coins, cash, or checks and return to the basket.  These donations will help support Safe Babies, Healthy Families in its mission to end destructive cycles that last for generations.
Save The Date: FYI Dinner on Saturday, April 6

Mark your calendars!  Our annual FYI Dinner will be at Church of the Resurrection on Saturday, April 6 at 6:00 p.m. Stay tuned for more event details and ticket sales within the next couple weeks. You won't want to miss it! Proceeds will support the FYI mission trip to the Adirondack Mountains in New York.
Easter Flowers

It’s time to place orders for Easter flowers.  There are order forms on the welcome desk in the narthex or in your church bulletin. Orders must be turned into the office by Sunday, April 10.
Financial Update for 2019

Financial Update for February 2019

Budgeted Income    $ 29,586
Actual Income          $ 30,571
Actual Expenses       $ 35,767
Deficit                         $  5,196 –

Financial Update for January 1 through February 28, 2019:

Budgeted Income     $ 90,672
Actual Income           $ 91,516
Actual Expenses       $ 73,306
Profit                          $ 18,210
Miss the Annual Meeting? 

Pick up an Annual Report on the welcome table in the narthex and learn what we discussed. Want to talk about it? Contact Council President Jeni McCullough or Pastor Kim.
Let's go to a Movie

Let’s go out to a Movie together!  We'll meet at the Delafield Hillside movie theatre and decide what movie to see together!
Date:  Sunday March 24th at 4:15 pm (tentative depending on interest)
Let Pat Faherty (262) 337-0977 know you are interested or sign up at church.

Dinner at the MELTING POT fondue restaurant - located  in Brookfield
Monday, March 25 at 6:00 p.m.  One of the ways in which we can share the love and joy of being part of a Christian community of faith is to spend time together—having FUN!!

Dinner is a perfect opportunity to have FUN! Please sign up in the narthex or let Pat Faherty know by Sunday, March 24

BOARD AND BRUSH in Hartland    Saturday, March 16 at 1:00 p.m.

Paint a decorative board at this Cocktails & Crafts event. Cost is $65
Sign up at
If you have questions call Pat Faherty at (262) 337-0977

Shouldn’t I Try to Influence those Decisions?
Act on your Faith Values
Help Create a Beloved Community
'Many congregations support strong and vibrant community ministry programs like food pantries and meal programs.  Countless lives have no doubt been transformed through direct service ministries.  Yet there is a second step in our call to minister to people often left out and suffering.  That is the call of public policy advocacy.  It is the call to “go up river,” to find out what is causing people to lose their job, their families, their capacity to put food on the table for their children.  As people of faith, we have a unique role to play in public policy debates. The biblical vision of right relationship in human community and wholeness of creation transcends any political party, ideology or platform.

Lifting your voice on important policy issues of the day can make a difference.  And it is part and parcel of our many ministries of outreach and compassion.  As we seek to pull people “out of the river” through our ministries of direct service, we are left with this question – If a single decision in the legislature can either enhance or undo literally millions of individual acts of Christian caring, shouldn’t I try to influence those decisions?’     
Madison Action Day -
sponsored by SOPHIA/WISDOM  

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
8:00 AM-3:00 PM
Madison Action Day is a chance to affect change at the state level – to influence decisions.
More than 1,000 WISDOM leaders and friends from all parts of Wisconsin will gather at the State Capitol to advocate for "The Beloved Community," focusing on themes of Radical Inclusion, Reconciliation, and Living for the Seventh Generation.
We will rally together to advocate and educate representatives about related issues in the proposed state budget. Specific issues include criminal justice reform, increases to public transit, and driver cards for those without documentation.
A bus is available from Goerke’s Corners or Nagawaukee Park & Ride on Hwy 83.
For registration information visit: to register online.    
Please join us -- prior experience and special skills are not required.
You won’t be asked to be the spokesperson with your legislator – just your presence is powerful!

~ Betty Groenewold

Worship On Wheels
A new ministry of COR

Kept in by the cold?  Not feeling 100%?  Missing your faith community?
Worship on Wheels brings the Word and Meal to you in your home.
Maybe you know someone who could benefit from this offering?

Contact Susan @ 262.719.1131 or Matt @ 262.442.2444 to schedule Worship on Wheels for yourself or someone you care about.

The Word for Your Week…
The reflections/questions relate to the highlighted passage for the day.

Prayer for Your Week     
O Lord God, you led your people through the wilderness and brought them to the promised land. Guide us now, so that, following your Son, we may walk safely through the wilderness of this world toward the life you alone can give, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.
Sunday, March 10:        Deuteronomy 26:1-11        Romans 10:8b-13        Luke 4:1-13
In this passage from the Torah, God commands that his people make their offerings from the ‘first fruits’ of their harvests. How do you understand this command as you commit your gifts to God through your offerings which support the ministries of COR? Why are ‘first fruits’ so important?
Monday, March 11:         Psalm 17             Chronicles 21:1-17                1 John 2:1-6
How does the writer of this letter connect obedience and perfect love? Do you believe it is possible to always live in obedience to God’s commandments? Why or why not? Fun fact: My (much older!) sister turns 70 today!
Tuesday, March 12:         Psalm 17        Zechariah 3:1-10             2 Peter 2:4-21
In this psalm, David prays to be delivered from his persecutors. Yet he asks not only for rescue and safety, he prays that the God who saves him will do so with a special sense of love and personal relationship. See vs. 8, where David sings, “Guard me as the apple of your eye.” When you pray, do you ever include a desire for a deeper relationship with God? Explain.
Wednesday, March 13:    Psalm 17       Job 1:1-22            Luke 21:34-22:6
The first chapter of Job is a testament to his uprightness and loyalty to God. But what about God’s actions in this story? Why do you suppose that God let Satan have power over all that Job had? Do you feel that God placed Job in the position of a pawn in the ‘betting game’ he was playing with Satan? Explain.
Thursday, March 14:     Psalm 27     Genesis 13:1-7, 14-18     Philippians 3:2-12
David gives thanks and praise to God for his goodness and protection. He sings confidently about what God has done and will continue to do for him, calling others to take courage and to wait for the Lord in their times of trouble. When you hear someone’s personal testimony about how God has acted in his/her life, how is your faith affected? How might your faith story encourage someone else in their faith?
Friday, March 15:       Psalm 27        Genesis 14:17-24     Philippians 3:12-21
Paul writes of pressing on toward the goal of knowing and imitating Christ Jesus because  Christ Jesus has made him (Paul) his (Jesus’) own. What does it mean to you that through your baptism into his death and resurrection, Christ Jesus has made YOU his own? How does this fact affect your life each day? If you don’t know, how might you be reminded of what your baptism means and how daily awareness of it can change you?
Saturday, March 16:    Psalm 27        Psalm 118:26-29        Matthew 23:37-39
These verses are part of a psalm of victory and thanksgiving. It concludes with a famous refrain:
“O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” The psalmist sings these words in light of a military victory. In what context(s) might this refrain become your response to God’s activity in your life? Explain.
Family Directory
Our Church of the Resurrection Family Directory is available for viewing or printing at:

(If you don't know the password please contact the church office.)

If your picture is missing or your family information isn’t correct, please contact the directory team at:

If your picture needs updating or you would like your picture included in the directory, Lynn Meyer or John Tompsett would be happy to help. They are usually available after Sunday service, or they can be contacted via email or phone.
If you want to make a special contribution or just simplify your life, there is an on-line giving option for you.  Just click HERE
This Week's Events

Monday, March 11
6:30 pm Christian Education Meeting

Tuesday, March 12
7:00 pm Dart Ball - Home (Make-Up Game)
Wednesday, March 13
5:00 pm Joyful Voices Singers (Grades 1-8)
5:30 pm Joyful Praise Handbells (Grades 4-8)
6:30 pm Lenten Worship with Holy Communion
7:15 pm Confirmation (parents to attend with 8th graders)
Thursday, March 14
6:30 pm Resurrection Ringers Handbells
7:20 pm Sanctuary Choir
Saturday, March 16
1:00 pm Fellowship: Board & Brush Creative Studio
7:30 pm Choir Festival at St. Luke’s Waukesha
Sunday, March 17
9:00 am Worship with Holy Communion
Baptism: Sawyer Smith
Sunday School
10:15 am Adult Education
We Pray For:
Prayers for our country, those serving in the armed forces, and our leaders

- Jeanne Kunath,
- Cindy Evinrude
- JR, Beth Berger's cousin
- Tom Stone, friend of the Perrigo's
- Lauren, Bob Kunath's granddaughter
- Jim & Jill Ardis, friends of Salstrom's
- Benny Thielitz
- Kathy Klockow
- Zachary, Barb Mayer's great grandson
- Amber Ove
- Art & Nancy Mitchel, friends of the Perrigo's
- Lisa (Mihas) Nelson-Sauer
- Quinn
-  Michael, Sue Hader's grandson
- Jean
- Jeff, cousin of Diane Kollmeyer
- Jim & Jim, friends of Sue Hader
- Michelle Thalacker
- Eli Hansen, student of Katie Rumohr
- Gloria Mayra, mother of Lyn Owsiak
- Mary
- Vivienne, mother of Sarah Bergman
- Ruth Bergman, mother of Mark Bergman
- Dan Laatsch, brother of Christa Thalacker
- Luella Laske, grandmother of Chris & Michelle Thalacker
- Linda Niemuth, friend of Zells
- Phil, nephew of Pat Faherty
- Eileen Walker, friend of Shawn Motley
- Gus Frank, friend of the Donkel's
- Dave Hicks and Mike Sadler, friends of Larry Donkle
- John Kornely
- Josh, nephew of Pat Faherty  
- Dick Manke
- Karen Witte, friend of the Salstrom's
- Kelly Schlegel
- Levie
- Jenny
- Cory Richardson, son of Kay Richardson
- Ethan Chapman, fiance' of a friend of Shawn Motley
- Jay Lloyd, uncle of Christine Piper
- Gail Thalacker, cousin of Chris and Michelle Thalacker
- Wayne Higgins, father of Ann-Marie Bergman
Prayers Loss of Loved One:
- Shirley Moreen, mother of Gail Wojtkunski, grandmother of Erin Gould
- Daniel Coogan II, son-in-law of Dennis & Cindy Evinrude
Birthdays This Week:

Salstrom, Phil
Skoug, Emily

Hoeppner, Lee
Schroeder, Reed
Wahmhoff, Christine

Berger, Terri
Vifquain, Anna

Brunner, Alexandra
Schaber, Debra

Bomberg, Gregory
Schmidt, Debra
Thalacker, Christa

Douglas, Mackenzie

Schaber, Madeline
Pastoral Emergency?  
Church office (Mon-Thur 9 am - 4 pm) 
(Fridays 9 am - 2 pm)


Pastor Kimberly Jordan : 262-825-0723 (Cell)
Church of the Resurrection
Pewaukee WI


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