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Are your shower products filled with dirty ingredients?

With this crazy hot summer, we're all showering a whole lot more. Make sure the ingredients in your products aren't toxic chemicals contributing to weight gain, carcinogen exposure and other unhealthy side effects.

I've got your sudsy back my friend! I guest blogged for my favorite Dietician, Keri Glassman and her Nutritious Life site this week. Before you suds up, get down and dirty with me and this blog.

xo Non Toxic Hugs, 
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Does jumping on the bed count as cardio?

Hell yeah it does!

Let's say it's your warm up! With fun summer trips, it's possible to squeeze in a quick workout.

Get your heart rate up, tone your muscles and tighten your tummy all before hitting the included breakfast buffet ;)
Hotel Workout Video

Want workout clothes hotter than your workout?

A leopard can't change its spots but YOU can! Slip on some wild🐾 and fun workout clothes and change your normal workout venue. You'll feel a boost of energy! Fight workout boredom and get fierce!

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