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May 31, 2017                                              Issue #68
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Project News
TESL Canada Conference June 8-9, 2017
The LearnIT2teach team will be at the upcoming TESL Canada Conference in Niagara Falls. Please stop by our booth in the exhibitors' area or join us during one of our presentations.

Project Update
Some of the highlights planned for 2017 - 18:
  • Updating the learner courses to CLB levels from LINC levels;
  • Further developing tools and techniques to support PBLA;
  • Continuing to modify and update the courseware to support delivery on tablets and cellphones;
  • A pilot of synchronous online delivery of Edulinc courseware for learners who have geographical or other barriers to conventional face-to-face learning;
  • Consultation with the IRCC-funded language training sector to move ahead the national learning management system project.
Web News
Earning my eloquence
Recently, I was interviewed live on various TV and radio news channels and afterward, I received over 300 comments and messages on social media and in person praising my speech. The word “eloquent” was used over 100 times. Being the daughter of immigrants, I couldn’t help but take a moment to think about my linguistic journey and the word so often used to describe me ....

I’m Not Texting. I’m Taking Notes.
I was ready for my first advisory board meeting at Blackboard, an educational software company ... I noticed that other people were pulling out their laptops and notepads. I knew I had better take notes, so I reached for my phone. That’s what I like to use. ... “Many board members noticed that you were on your phone a lot,” he said. “If you can hold out on texting friends or checking your Twitter feed until the breaks, that would be great.”...Telling people in my generation to put our phones away is not a solution. Just ask our teachers how that has worked for them....

New apps from MIT fill your waiting moments with learning opportunities
MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ...came up with WaitSuite, a collection of apps that work on desktop or mobile, offering up educational micro-moments where you can brush up on second language vocab skills and more in the time between everything else. ... MIT’s work here isn’t unprecedented: They cite apps like Duolingo ... The system is simple, and basically presents you with a vocabulary word to translate, with a simple text entry field. This could be re-purposed...

Creating a Course: Why use supplementary material?
When it comes to the ‘Create’ part of the 7 Cs of Learning Design most course creators will create original content for the core of their course. However, it can be beneficial to incorporate ready made content from other sources rather than constantly reinventing the wheel. ... Here are some guidelines on sourcing and evaluating online content that may be useful as supplementary course material....

Synchronous Word Clouds . . . At Last!
Not too long ago I created an activity with my students where I asked them to write three types of literary genres they enjoy the most. ... I then asked them to meet in groups to share their words. Group by group, they would come to the podium and add their words on ... At the end, I would let Wordle do its thing.  The result was a collective word cloud ... Ever since that day, I had been waiting for a synchronous version to the original word cloud. Well, my wishes have been answered. At last! Now I can do this activity (and others) using AnswerGarden.....

Five myths about online learning
Online learning is growing in popularity year-on-year with the number of students enrolled in online education continuing to rise. However, many students are unfamiliar with online education which has led to the proliferation of several myths about this mode of learning.  Below are five myths about online learning, let’s separate the fact from the fiction. ...

I spent two hours with a mobile video genius and learned 26 useful things
Christian Payne is a photographer who teaches organisations like the BBC, the UN and Al Jazeera how to do in-the-field reporting using mobile phones.  Last week I was lucky enough to spend some time picking Christian’s brain about using phones to make professional-looking video. ... Everything Christian said was interesting, but here are some highlights…...

How to Shoot High-Quality Videos With a SmartPhone
For learning professionals, filming poor-quality shots is one of the biggest wastes of time... If you are using a smartphone, tablet, or small flip-style camera....there are some techniques that can help you minimize these limitations.....

Online ESL Teacher - Part Time
Metasino (a North American school) is looking for long-term ESL teachers to teach over the internet. Metasino teaches ESL to students, elementary through high school, in Asia. We have very small classes and use an informal, whole-language approach.

Professor, LINC   (June 2 closing)
The Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan is looking for outstanding and creative individuals to join our Faculty team. The incumbent will be responsible for providing academic leadership, developing innovative curriculum, and teaching in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program. ...

Here’s How an E-Learning Portfolio Builds Your Skills
Having a portfolio is really important, especially in today’s world of digital technology. It’s a great way to document your skills, experience, and qualifications.  Recently, I gave a presentation on why you should maintain a work portfolio, here’s part of the presentation where we’ll focus on your personal development....

Professional Development
Visuals Matter: check these sites for free stock photos
Visuals matter. You’re more likely to click on an article with an image, so any blog post worth its salt is going to feature an inviting cappuccino on a picturesque desk... The first step is knowing where to get free and legal stock photos. Here are my top three picks...

 A Checklist to Deliver Quality Assured E-learning Courses
One of the biggest mistakes an e-learning professional can commit is NOT allocating sufficient time for a thorough quality check of the course and hurrying toward its launch. ... it is always worthwhile to have a final look ... this checklist gives a holistic idea of what everyone involved should crosscheck, before submitting the course to the client ...

e-Resource Corner
This site offers reading exercises, grammar tutorials with practice activities, and prepositions and phrasal verbs practice.

English Grammar Secrets
A simple web site with English grammar explanations and practice activities.
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About LearnIT2teach
Through funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citzenship Canada, the LearnIT2teach Project provides LINC teachers with online tools and resources and extensive training to help them implement blended learning in their programs. Visit for more information.


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