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May 31, 2016                                              Issue #59
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Project News
PBLA Support
The PBLA Demo Course on the training site has been updated and we've added Help files explaining how to add many of the exemplar activities into the LINC courseware using Edulinc's PBLA repository. This includes the CLB 1-8 Can-Do Statements, and forms for needs assessments, goal setting, reflection, sample assessments, etc.

Courseware Tips for Teachers
The Ideas for Applying glossary and Random glossary entry block (in Stage 2) have been copied to the front of the training site.  It has a wealth of good ideas. Check it out!

Learning Technology Innovation Leadership courses
If you are a professional in an IRCC program looking to lead innovation in a LINC or ELT program, we have two-part Moodle-based online training to offer. Each part has six weekly units and the time demand is 1.5 – 2 hours per unit. The course content includes readings, podcasts and videos, and course activities encourage sharing and collaboration with peers in the sector....
Web News
Canadian government signals renewed openness to international students
Canadian-educated international students are exactly the sort of would-be immigrants this country should be courting, the federal government has said as it moves on election promises to make immigration policy friendlier to international graduates of Canadian postsecondary institutions.  The government’s first step came in late February...

Your thoughts: Can tech really improve writing?
Professor weighs in on utilizing the power of technology to improve higher education writing instruction ... Recent research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers indicates that 73 percent of employers want a candidate with strong written communication skills. I see my job as bridging the gap ... and I believe that technology provides a variety of important resources to support my efforts. ,,,

12 Facets of Education That Will Be Obsolete By 2025
Educational research is especially fertile right now, and efforts to integrate it into curricula over the next decade are going to leave some of us high and dry unless we start paying attention this second. Significant findings range from brain-based study habits to insights into the nature of intelligence and motivation. They also include glimpses into which of today’s factors will no longer be, well, factors come 2025. ...

History and Trends of Learning Management System Infographic
Online education isn’t the newest trend in the world, but it’s been evolving quickly and thoroughly. The following infographic highlights the key e-Learning history facts starting from the introduction of the computer and the Internet in the late 20th century. Also, you can learn the evolution of Learning Management Systems (LMS) ...

6 mistakes in eLearning design
Design thinking focuses on the cognitive aspects of the design process. It’s a method for creative problem solving that aims to significantly improve outcomes. Importantly, design thinking prioritises how information might be most effectively received over the desires of the communicator. eLearning resources should therefore be founded on strong design thinking, which is why we’ve put together tips on how to use this approach to avoid mistakes in eLearning design....

Integrating Technology and Literacy
When teaching with digital natives in a digital world, one question facing many educators revolves around integrating technology to help facilitate learning: How do you work technology into the pedagogy, instead of just using something cool?...

Adapting to Online Collaborative Learning
This is the first blog in a series on how to design, conduct, and assess an effective online collaborative learning program. ...

Why Blogging Is The "New" Cover Letter
Studies show that 50%+ of recruiters and hiring managers aren't reading cover letters. Why? They're tired of reading the same stuffy, self-important, boring words from hundreds of candidates. ... Today, professional blogging platforms ... make it possible for us to create an original article designed to showcase our communication skills and professionalism. ...

Online ESL teacher
ABC360’s online English teachers are the very heart of the company. They facilitate 17-minute classes with our Chinese students using online communication software such as Skype, QQ and others. They give instruction and guidance to our learners as to how to effectively use the materials and curriculum to maximize learning about and ability to communicate using the English language....

Curriculum developer
ABC360’s Curriculum Developers keep our learning materials fresh and functional. They provide for necessary modifications to ensure that our students and teachers study only the most modern and up-to-date uses of the English language all while having a pleasant spot of fun with enjoyable activities and engaging topics for conversation.

Curriculum Developer for Youth Online ESL Project
The Contractor is contracted to develop online ESL curriculum according to the Canada Language Benchmarks to newcomer youth who are CLB 5-8 with a focus on reading and writing. A total of 40 lessons and relevant instructional materials will be developed for two courses ...

Professional Development
What the flip? Exploring technologies to support a flipped classroom
...Flipping your classroom does involve a bit of planning and preparation, however when it is implemented well it has a positive impact on the student experience and their attainment ... Don’t forget, you don’t have to flip ALL your lessons all the time to have an impact ... You definitely don’t need much tech to flip your classroom, if you have access to the internet then you’ll have most of the tools to hand already! ...

Open Educational  Resources: Policy, Costs and  Transformation
The Open Educational Resources (OER) movement has grown substantially  since the term was first adopted at UNESCO’s 2002  Forum on the Impact of Open Courseware for Higher Education in Developing Countries  (UNESCO, 2002). Since  then, there has been a significant increase in the development, use and sharing of  OER ... There are 15 chapters in this book ... The chapters give us insights into the OER policy development ... also show impact on transformation of teaching and learning. ...

Checklist for Online Courses
Have you been thinking about authoring an elearning course, but are having a hard time getting a sense of how much content to create to end up with about an hour of seat time?  The following provides broad high-level guidance for authors, subject matter experts, and instructional designers when planning an online course. Note that these are guidelines only. Design for actual courses should reflect learner needs with respect to course objectives. ...

A New Pedagogy is Emerging... and Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor
In all the discussion about learning management systems, open educational resources (OERs (link is external)), massive open online courses (MOOCs (link is external)), and the benefits and challenges of online learning, perhaps the most important issues concern how technology is changing the way we teach and - more importantly - the way students learn....

e-Resource Corner
English Listening Lesson Library Online
earn English naturally by listening to over 300 speakers from 100 countries with over 2,500 free video and audio lessons!

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