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February 2, 2016                                        Issue #56
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Instructors can access just-in-time live help at from 10 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday to Friday.

Moodle 3.0 Migration
We're still working on migration to Moodle 3.0; however, it is being by delayed by a compatibility issue with a key plug-in on the edulinc site.

Web News
Immigrants value education – so we should value them
In the past month, Canadians have witnessed the arrival of the first of 25,000 Syrian refugees ... The main theme in the news media so far has been the debate about the short-term costs and challenges  ... as well as longer-term concerns ... we take a different longer-term perspective in addressing how the children of immigrants perform in terms of post-secondary education (PSE) in Canada. ...

Classroom technology 'rarely used' by half of teachers
Thousands of pounds worth of classroom technology is going unused as teachers lack the training to integrate it into lessons, survey suggests ....

Students Speak: Is 'Going Paperless' Good for the Classroom?
... back in the fall of 2013, I decided to try on one of the biggest experiments of my teaching career: taking the plunge and going completely paperless ..

Syrian refugees in B.C. face long waits for English courses
Wait lists of 1 to 16 months are common for refugee English courses in Lower Mainland, Victoria ... As B.C. prepares to welcome at least 2,400 Syrian refugees by the end of February, advocates say they could face long waits for essential English language courses. ...

What’s New in Moodle 3.0 Infographic
... ...Check out some of the top enhancements in Moodle's latest and most exciting version ...

10 Educational Trends to Watch in 2016
Each year I put together a list of 10 educational trends that we can expect to gain even more traction  ...This year I find many familiar trends, some that first made my list five to ten years ago, but now they are gaining momentum and are likely to garner more startup and grant funding, not to mention finding their way in some of the more innovative schools and classrooms around the world. ....

Why online learning often fails
The internet has made it easier, cheaper and some would argue even more effective to study than ever before ... So why is it that online courses are becoming infamous for their high drop rates and low levels of achievement? And why do so many students feel that online learning is failing them?  Here are some of the main reasons we have identified and how we deal with them ...

11 Reasons why teachers don’t use technology
... From my experiences with our teachers at EnglishUp and my previous international experience as an edtech teacher trainer, I have always found teachers more than willing to develop their use and understanding of technology. The problem is that so often when teachers are asked or even told to use technology within their classrooms, they soon discover that they are being set up to fail....

The Difference Between Administrator and Leader
...Today, I want to examine the not so secret, ‘secret’ among educators:  While every school has at least one administrator, few have leaders.  A recent workshop participant paraphrased Peter Drucker and said it this way, "Administrators do things right. Leaders do the right things."  While that simple statement captures some of the gulf between leadership and administration, I think it falls far short....

LINC Instructor Ref# 11-16 [closing Feb. 2]
COSTI Immigrant Services requires a LINC instructor for the Newmarket Welcome Centre. ... Preference will be given to candidates who have completed LearnIT2Teach Stage 2.

Professional Development
How To Create an Effective Training Program: 8 Steps to Success
Nearly everyone recognizes the value and benefits of workforce training. When done properly, training can make workers more efficient ... But creating effective training isn’t easy. ...  So, how does one create effective workforce training materials? Below is an eight-step road map ...

Tips for Writing Instructional and Training Material
Writing’s not easy. To put that another way, and use the words of Ernest Hemingway, “Easy writing makes hard reading.”  ... That’s definitely the case when it comes to writing instructional or training materials. So, we’ve created a list of tips and resources for you...

e-Resource Corner
A World of ESL Resources - Vocabulary
This page provides links to a variety of vocabulary exercises.
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