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Octber 31, 2016                                              Issue #63
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Project News
LearnIT2teach launches Blended Settlement Language Training Online Searchable Database
What are the pros and cons of blended learning? ... TESL professionals looking for research on blended language instruction in settlement programs have a convenient new place to start; The LearnIT2teach Project has just released a searchable online database of annotations and links to relevant articles. “Adult Settlement Blended Language Training: Selected Annotated Bibliography.” ... This resource summarizes more than 90 articles ...
Update on LearnIT2teach Training and Mentoring
In the early days of the project, nearly all face-to-face training events required our small team of trainers to travel, sometimes long distances, to deliver training events. The project now has a trainer network encompassing seven provinces and comprising 14 trainers, allowing us to minimize travel and maximize our training resources. These trainers not only provide face to face introductions: they also provide online mentoring through the additional stages of training. Get to know the LearnIT2teach team by visiting ....
Web News
Help for newcomers is a course away
Back in 2015 when Amir Koohsarian immigrated to Canada, he thought he would have no problem finding employment in IT. ... But his Canadian job search didn’t turn out as planned. ... Fortunately, a friend who had been living in Canada for a few years recommended that he look into taking some college courses. ... He enrolled in two programs at Humber College in Toronto. The government funded Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT) program ...

What’s changing in English Language Teaching?
Even proponents of educational technology admit that a lot of software sold to schools isn’t very good. But they often highlight the promise of so-called “adaptive learning” software, in which complex algorithms react to how a student answers questions, and tailor instruction to each student. The computer recommends different lessons to different students, based upon what they already know and what they still need to work on. Wonderful in theory, but does it work in practice?...

From zero to 500,000 users: 6 lessons from building online Spanish courses
We started Spanish Obsessed around four years ago with no ideas about a) what we were building; b) where we were going; and c) how we were going to do it. Despite this, we’ve grown and nurtured our humble passion for teaching Spanish ... and attract over 20,000 people from around the world each week. In this article, we want to share the key concepts that, were we to start again, we would want to know ...

5 language TED talks you shouldn’t watch
Are you a TED fan? Who isn’t! I ... There is much more joy involved in compiling your own playlists, and in this post I decided to create one especially for you.  The talks I chose are on the topic of language, and are quite funny—if you like my sense of humour, that is. ...

Golden Voice English
GVE Online Education Inc. is a Toronto-based startup committed to helping students in China improve their English listening and speaking skills. Since the beginning of 2015, we have been providing an online learning platform as well as live tutoring sessions to students from Grades 1 through 9. ... we are ramping up our efforts for the upcoming school year and that is why we need you..

ESL and LINC Instructor Opportunities
Toronto District School Board has a posting for "qualified, experienced instructors to teach in our Adult ESL and LINC Programs" ...

Professional Development
3 Ways to Use MOOCs to Advance Your Career
The vast majority of people who sign up for a MOOC—a massive open online course—never complete it. More than 50% consume less than half of the course’s content. This is wrongly viewed as evidence that MOOCs don’t work, that people are dropping off and not getting value. The assumption behind that conclusion is that you have to complete a whole, semester-long course to get value from online education. As a MOOC addict, I can tell you: that’s not true. Instead, I’ve found there are at least three good ways to learn from MOOCs, depending on your goals and the time you plan to spend....

Online Learning as a Possible Cost Saving Measure: What Canadian Researchers Tell Us
A review of Canadian research, in the form of web-available reports, articles, blogs, and case studies, focused on the cost-effectiveness of online learning in the post-secondary education sector. The review identifies recurring themes in the literature… .

e-Resource Corner
Pindex is a pinboard to collect and discover the best educational material. If you're a teacher, you can assign any of our boards to your students (a duplicate board is created under your name, so you can add, remove and edit posts)....

In My Language
A web site for newcomers with settlement information available in multiple langaages.
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About LearnIT2teach
Through funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citzenship Canada, the LearnIT2teach Project provides LINC teachers with online tools and resources and extensive training to help them implement blended learning in their programs. Visit for more information.


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