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April 28, 2017                                              Issue #66
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Project News
Contract Renewal
TVLT is pleased to announce we have a new contribution agreement with IRCC for fiscal years 2017 - 2020.

BC TEAL Annual Conference
The LearnIT2teach team will be delivering a session, Supporting PBLA with Blended Learning/, at the upcoming BC TEAL conference on Friday, May 5 (8:30am-9:15am). If you miss that, you can stop by the exhibitor's area to speak with our BC mentors, Jennifer and Paul.

TESL Canada Annual 2017 Conference
LearnIT2teach will be at the upcoming TESL Canada Conference in Niagara Falls. Look for us in the exhibitors area, as well as in the conference program (including late additions).

Web News
The rise of the TEFL YouTubers
... Meeting the global demand for English language learning content is a group of TEFL YouTubers who have made this sizeable niche their own. By delivering consistent weekly lessons in an informal yet stylish manner, they have garnered legions of followers, in some cases over 100,000 people. This success is largely down to the fact that their followers ... 5 TEFL YouTubers Worth Checking Out ...

Opinion: Avatars will soon upend the role of teachers and transform education
Meet Clifford, my personal avatar teacher from the future. I dressed him up with an English accent because I like the sound. He is my vision for education as technology frees us from more limitations in our lives and upends the role of teachers — and a world we may reach within 15 years. ...

Apple just made its Microsoft Office killer free -- here's how to download it
It’s not as well-known as Microsoft Word, but Apple makes a complete suite of office apps called iWork that directly competes with Microsoft Office.  Now Apple’s productivity apps have gone free. On Tuesday, Apple made the latest versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iPhones, iPads, and Mac free.

From Written to Digital: The New Literacy
Both the 21st-century economy and the careers needed to fuel it are changing at an unprecedented rate. Students must be prepared for nonlinear careers, pivoting to match the ever-changing work landscape. We thus need to rethink not just how we teach our students but what we teach our students....

Mental typing? Hearing through your skin? Facebook is working on it
... Facebook researchers are exploring ways to type with your brain and hear through your skin.... Mark Zuckerberg reiterated ... "Our brains produce enough data to stream 4 HD movies every second. ... speech – can only transmit about the same amount of data as a 1980s modem. We're working on a system that will let you type straight from your brain ...

Android surpasses Windows as the most-used operating system worldwide
It was just a few weeks ago when web analytics firm StatCounter predicted Android would overtake Windows as the most popular operating system online. Well, it didn’t take long. ... After less than nine years, Google’s open source operating system is bigger than Windows. ...

When Students Know More About Technology Than Their Teachers
It's a daily classroom reality that students often know more about technology than teachers do. This is the kind of scenario that used to terrify me. When I didn't know all the details of the technology I wanted to use, shadowy what-ifs would flit around in my brain. ...  Overcoming these fears hasn't been easy, but I've learned to change my thinking about technology in three ways: ...

15 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher
... I am trying to recall if I ever had heard phrases such as "20th-century teacher" or "19th-century teacher." Quick Google search reassures me that there is no such word .... teaching in the 21-century is an altogether different phenomenon;  ... But what does being a 21st-century teacher really mean? Below are 15 characteristics of a 21st-century teacher:

Thinking of facilitating a webinar?
If you are considering leading a webinar in the near future, I have some suggestions that might make your experience a little more enjoyable. ... I thought it would be a walk in the park as I have facilitated online workshops, meetings, courses and presentations before. However, the experience surprised me, as webinar facilitation involved additional features that required attention....

Can Educators Ignore Social Media Any Longer?
 ... Education as a profession needs to recognize and accept the fact that we live in the 21st century and social media enables change that can happen much faster, and affect greater groups of people than any technology of the 20th Century ... Social media enables collaboration, which for adult learning is the key to success for most adults ...

5 ways to adjust your teaching for online education
Teaching online requires rethinking your teaching methods to achieve your instructional objectives in a new environment. The technology involved in teaching online will also present you with new options, as well as new limitations. If you’re transitioning from a brick and mortar classroom to online, here are five tips to make that transition a little smoother....

TESL Trainer/Instructor- Online
We require qualified individual(s) to join the Conestoga Language Institute team to instruct individuals pursuing their Teaching English as a Second Language Certification for May 2017.

Professional Development
How to Design PowerPoint Presentations That Pack a Punch — in 5 Easy Steps
We have all sat through boring PowerPoint presentations. They are often long, wordy, and utterly forgettable. You might even be guilty of having made lackluster PowerPoint presentations in the past. But, making a great one is easier than you think!  You don’t need to be a good designer, public speaker, or writer to create a powerful presentation. Here are a few tips ...

Teachers’ Professional Development Barriers Infographic
High-quality, sustained professional development for teachers is crucial. Remaining a great teacher requires staying up-to-date on advances in technology and the learning sciences, changes in curriculum … Yet many teachers around the world may not participate in professional development to the extent they would prefer. Here we delve into the barriers to participation ...

e-Resource Corner
My First 150 Days
This a powerful TV Ontario documentary about a Filipino family’s first six months in Toronto.

Exploring English: Language and Culture
This [free] course is for people who are learning English and who are interested in finding out more about British culture and improving their English language skills....The course draws on the British Council’s expertise in online learning. It is one of three courses from its Exploring English course collection.
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About LearnIT2teach
Through funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citzenship Canada, the LearnIT2teach Project provides LINC teachers with online tools and resources and extensive training to help them implement blended learning in their programs. Visit for more information.


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