Lots of choices for both fall and spring colour!
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We have Hundreds of Varieties of Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Alliums, and so much more!
Shop for spring colour now!

Bulk Tulips

Pre-packaged or Bag Your Own!
A great way to add HUGE splashes of colour to your spring gardens!

10 for $7.99 

50 for $35.00 (0.70 each)


Over 100 types of Tulips, including specialty varieties! Many different colours available! 

10 for $8.99

Packaged Daffodils & Narcissus 

50+ varieties of specialty daffodils!
$6.99, 7.99, or 9.99
per package.

Bulk Dutch Master Daffodils

10 for $14.99
reg. 17.99  (1.80 each)

30 for $40.00 (1.33 each)

Visit our website for tips and advice on planting and growing bulbs,
including our bulb depth and spacing guide!

Squirrel Solutions!

Critter Resistant Bulbs:

Allium (7 types) - Fritillaria (5 types) - Hyacinth (8 types)
Daffodils & Narcissus (50+ types)  - Garlic (4 types)

Tired of squirrels digging up your bulbs? Consider planting some of these, which are less appealing to small critters!

Hen Manure

Critter Problem? Sprinkle Hen Manure 
over your soil to deter squirrels!

SALE $8.99 in 1.36kg (3lbs) container  reg. 10.99
SALE $19.99 in 10 kg bag  reg. 24.99

While Supplies Last.

Blood Meal

Sprinkle Blood Meal over all your bulb areas to help keep squirrels away! Reapply after heavy rains.

SALE $7.99 in 1.36kg (3lb) box  reg. 9.99

While Supplies Last.

Click Here for more information about protecting your Fall Bulbs
Fall Mums are Here!
Bring home a pot of beautiful fall colour!
See our full large wagonloads in front of the store
and our full colour selection in the Perennial Centre.
Fall Mums in 10" Pots

$8.99 each

4 for 34.00
(4 to 9 pots 8.50 each)
10 for 80.00
(10 or more pots 8.00 each)
Fall Mums in 6" Pots

$4.79 each

5 or more pots 4.29 each
Fall Mum Planters
16" Pot (with Annual Grass)                14" Pot (no Grass)     

     $34.99                                           $29.99  
While Supplies Last.
Ornamental Annual Grass
in 10" Pots

$14.99 each

2 for 25.00 (2 or more 12.50 each)
Ornamental Kale
& Cabbage

in 5" Pots  $2.99 each
10 or more pots 2.49 each

in 8" Pots  $4.99 each

Decorate for Fall!

Decorative Gourds  $1.29 each or 10 for $8.00
Pie Pumpkins  $3.00 each
Squash  $3.00 each
Cornstalks  $5.99 (4 stalks/bunch)
Straw Bales  $6.00 each Mini Round
   $9.00 each Med or Large
Pumpkins  $7.00 each

All Perennials and Shrubs
on Clear Out Sale!
Our entire selection of Perennials and Shrubs has been reduced, including:
Daylilies $8.00 each 
Hostas $8.00, $12.00, or $15.00 each
Hen & Chicks $3.00 each
Heuchera $15.00 each
Hardy Grasses $12.00, $14.00, $18.00, $20.00 each
Weigela $10.00 each
Euonymus $15.00 each
and lots more!

Prices As Marked. While Supplies Last.
Boston Ferns in 10" Hanging Baskets

SALE $18.00 each
reg. 22.99

While Supplies Last.
Potted Herbs

Grow your own delicious flavours indoors all year round!
Basil, Rosemary, Mint, Oregano, and more!

in 4" Pots
$4.99 each
We're Celebrating our 60th Anniversary all Year Round!

Sunday, Nov. 3rd 
10am - 4pm

Support our local chapter of the MS Society of Canada AND find the perfect gift for everyone on your list from over 75 local artisans and vendors!

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OPEN Thanksgiving - Monday, October 14th - 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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