Next week MELLISSA HUGHES performs an American Songbook recital and  TIMO ANDRES and friends perform at Ecstatic and the SCPO's Liquid Music.
Next week features a heady stretch of concerts, from MELLISSA HUGHES' American Songbook recital at Lincoln Center, to the world premiere of TIMO ANDRES' Work Songs  for the Ecstatic Music  Festival and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music series.

We also offer you a preview of THIRD COAST PERCUSSION's newest album, from New Amsterdam Records: David T. Little's Haunt of the Last Nightfall.

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Timo Andres, Ted Hearne, Nathan Koci, Becca Stevens and Gabriel Kahane
Timo Andres' "Work Songs" premieres at Ecstatic and Liquid Music

On March 19 at the Ecstatic Music Festival, and on March 21 and 22 for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music series, Timo Andres, Ted Hearne, Gabriel Kahane, Nathan Koci and Becca Stevens perform the world premiere of Andres' new song cycle, Work Songs.

Written for this unique gathering of composer/ performers, Work Songs is an idiosyncratic meditation 
on the nature of Work in Art, inspired in part by Andres' early love of the Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs and featuring lyrics from Herman Melville, Woody Guthrie and others.  

The program is completed with new and recent songs by Hearne, Kahane and Stevens,  performed by the ensemble.
Click here to read an interview with Andres about the piece, and here for the full press release with artist information and additional details about the program and concerts. 

And although we can't offer you any advance listening (that's how new the piece is!), you can stream the 3/19 concert live on Q2 Music and listen later on WNYC's New Sounds.  
And, if you're in the Twin Cities, join the ensemble and Fred Child for a free SPCO "Composer Conversation" presentation on 3/20. 
Mellissa Hughes at American Songbook

On Thursday, March 20, the wildly talented soprano Mellissa Hughes offers her unique insight into the new music scene with a solo recital of new and recent works at Lincoln Center's American Songbook.

"Look up versatile in the dictionary and you might see a photo of soprano Mellissa Hughes next to it...Hughes plays Lincoln Center in her own idiosyncratic way: one voice; one laptop; new music by Jacob Cooper, Ted Hearne and Christopher Cerrone; and fresh spins on Michael Jackson, Kate Bush and Björk." -- TIME OUT NEW YORK, March 12, 2014

It's a major month for Hughes, as this week Nonesuch Records announced the April 29 release of Silver Threads, a song cycle performed by Hughes, composed for her by longtime composer-collaborator, Jacob Cooper

Preview a track from the mesmerizing album here, and check out more album information to the right. 

And don't forget that you can hear selections from Silver Threads live; Hughes will include them in her American Songbook recital!
Third Coast Percussion and David T. Little's Haunt of the Last Nightfall

On Feb. 25, New Amsterdam Records released Third Coast Percussion's recording of David T. Little's Haunt of the Last Nightfall.

Preview a track from the album here, and contact Emily Motherwell at to request your promotional copy (available in digital or hardcopy) of this extraordinary album. 

And, learn a bit more about Third Coast Percussion's other recent work -- including the performance of Augusta Read Thomas' Resounding Earth for the University of Chicago Presents --  in this Feb. 25 Chicago Tribune piece by John Von Rhein. 
Mellissa Hughes and Jacob Cooper's Silver Threads

On April 29, Nonesuch Records will release Jacob Cooper's song cycle, Silver Threads.  Written for and performed by Mellissa Hughes, you can preview the title track by clicking the image above. 

Click here for full details about the release, and contact Melissa Cusick with any special press requests. 

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