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The International School of Dakar (21 new comments) 
Dakar, Senegal

"Look into the administrators. Get to know them and see if they are really people you want to work for. Admin has a major impact on staff moral and well-being at the school."

Jumeira Baccalaureate School (19 new comments) 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"New teachers are picked up at the airport by a member of admin, and left at an empty apartment if you did not choose to buy the company furniture package. Salary advances are provided. It is difficult to arrive earlier than the date proposed, as flats are not available so teachers are trying to buy furniture and appliances and attend full days of orientation at the same time."

Rasami British International School (10 new comments) 
Bangkok, Thailand

"Opening a bank account is fairly straightforward once you get your work permit, but it is much easier to achieve if you have a Thai speaker with you. Transferring money to or from overseas is quite easy and not too expensive."

Arnhem International School (9 new comments) 
Arnhem, Netherlands

"The classrooms have computers with internet access, but Ipads were introduced in 2015 that are shared amongst classes."

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