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We started this blog series back in Feb. 2015. We've highlighted five cities and one country so far. As we get more comments on our website, the more cities and countries we can compare.

Topics covered: Housing Allowance, Salary Information, School Campus, Expectations of Staff, Language Background of Students, Hiring Policies, Average Money Left to Be Saved, Recent Things the School Has Taken on, Kind of Teachers that Work There, etc.
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American International School Dhaka (4 new comments)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

"The calendar is good. There are several local holidays that AISD recognizes with days off. In addition, there is a one week fall break (usually early to mid October), three weeks off in December and a one week spring break (early April)."

International School Groningen (5 new comments)
Groningen, Netherlands

"Being at the north of the Netherlands you'll see a range of weather. Overall its typical European, gloomy weather."

American International School (Abu Dhabi) (5 new comments)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"Budgets are shared by grade level in elementary and department in secondary. It is unclear what specials budgets are."

Ican British International School (4 new comments)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

"There is no train in Cambodia and buses are slow and stop many times. People enjoy riding bicycles to rural areas on the weekends or hiring a car or hiring a taxi to take them out of town, There are some nice towns 2.3-3 hours away (Kampot and Kep) which are good for weekend geta..."

Korea International School (Seoul) (10 new comments)
Seoul, South Korea

"Passive in most cases. Sleep deprived in some cases. Will fall asleep in class..better keep them engaged."

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (8 new comments)
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

"Not all students can speak English very well. Approximately half of students can speak English very well. Quarter of students have intermediate English skills and another quarter have a difficulty in learning because of their English skills. Common languages spoken are English and Chinese."

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