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JULY 2014 Newsletter

New research highlights the oral health challenges of athletes
The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing were plagued by health problems, but not the problems you might expect. Many athletes experienced oral health problems, some severe enough to inhibit their athletic performances.

The most dramatic example was Alan Campbell, a British athlete who suffered an oral infection that spread to his back, shoulder, and eventually his knee, costing him weeks of training and requiring surgery shortly before competition.

Due to the volume and severity of such problems, the International Olympic Committee requested studies on the oral health of athletes, and the results were alarming. Four out of ten reported being bothered by dental problems, and nearly half of those people believed the condition negatively impacted their performance.

Researchers theorize that several factors were to blame, including acidic sports drinks, saliva reduction from dehydration, and a tendency to skip brushing or flossing.

Every athlete from weekend warriors to Olympians may be exposed to these risks to some degree. Even for non-athletes, this serves as a reminder of the importance of hygiene and dental care, and the extent to which oral disease can affect one’s life.
What’s new at your practice?
Dr. Cynthia Wong Says Farewell
We were disappointed to hear that Dr. Wong has decided not to return to work after giving birth to her new baby girl and her subsequent extended maternity leave. We wish her and her family the best as she enjoys motherhood. I know many of you were her fans and friends, so she will be missed. So please welcome either Suzan Hahn, DDS; Debbie Wertheimer, RDH; or Manny Vasquez, RDH as they take her place for you.
Sleep Apnea News
Dental Sleep Masters™

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As news about dentistry's role in saving lives is becoming more commonplace, the importance of my dental profession to your overall health has become evident. From the risk factor of gum disease and its association with disorders like heart disease and diabetes to our role in the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with oral appliances, dentists have truly become physicians of not only our oral health, but of our whole body health.

In my 30 years of practice, I have not seen expressions of gratitude like I've seen from patients who I've helped treat their OSA. Not only is their quality of life dramatically improved through quality sleep, but their bed partners are overjoyed and thankful for the elimination of their snoring.

Because of such profound effects on people's lives, I've decided to align myself with a company whose goal is to help diagnose and treat the 90% of the OSA patients that are going undiagnosed in this country. Studies show that about 20% of the adults in the U.S.A. have OSA. This group allows me to better work with your physicians in prescribing oral appliances rather than CPAP masks for OSA when appropriate. For more information about OSA, visit my website at Click here

If you snore, think you have OSA, or are not able to tolerate your CPAP, call our office to get screened for OSA, take a Home Sleep Test, and for more information on how to use your medical insurance for the treatment of OSA in our dental office.
Leo Arellano, DDS
Medicare DME Application Approved!
We recently received approval as a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) provider for oral appliances related to the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If you or a family member or friend have Medicare insurance, we will be able to bill it through my office. Call us for details.
Hiking in Colorado - Two 14ers in 3 Days!

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With reports of poor trail conditions in June and early July, we were fortunate that the trail conditions improved for us. But the real challenge was the altitude. So we decided to acclimate by hiking up Colorado's Mt. Elbert first. Mt. Elbert, at 14,440 ft., is the 2nd highest peak in the lower 48 states and the highest peak in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Although the trail was well maintained, it was a steep 4,000 ft. climb for just over 4 miles. We reached the summit in 4 hours and finished the hike in a total of 6 hours covering just over 8 miles.

With a day of rest between, we traveled to Longs Peak that stands at 14,259 ft. Starting at 1:00 a.m. at about elevation 9,400 ft., it was an easier and less steep climb to start than Mt. Elbert, but 2/3 the way up it turned "fun". From scrambling, climbing, and even shimmying down on our butts, we finally made it up and down this 16 mile hike in just over 15 hours. Even though my right knee was pretty sore after this hike, it was one of my most satisfying hikes that I've done.
Smile Makeover of the Month

Crowded teeth and failing root canal tooth needing extraction corrected with Invisalign®,
bleaching, and dental implant.
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