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FEBRUARY 2013 Newsletter

How is the “mouth bone” connected to the “heart bone”?
Inflammation is that warm, swollen, reddened, often painful bodily response to injury or infection. Temporary inflammation is vital to the healing process. It sends immune cells and additional blood flow to the problem area to aid in tissue repair.

But chronic inflammation is an abnormal situation – the body’s immune system stays in high-gear. It can result in systemic problems like allergies and arthritis. An even more grave concern is the impact of chronic inflammation on your heart.

Chronic inflammation in the blood vessels causes small fissures that allow LDL cholesterol to invade. That causes additional inflammation and more cholesterol build-up, eventually leading to heart attack or stroke.

A number of factors contribute to chronic inflammation, including periodontal disease. Yes, your mouth is directly connected to your heart, even though that relationship is not visible.

About 75 percent of Americans suffer from gum disease. Today we know that, in addition to causing bad breath, loss of teeth, and bone loss, gum disease has a dire impact on cardiovascular health. Regular dental care gets it under control for a healthy smile and a healthier heart.

Welcome Back, Kathie!
After 7 months of healing after breaking her right leg, Kathie is back to work a half day a week on Tuesday afternoons. Luckily she was able to telecommute for us during that time, but it doesn't compare with her being personally here. We all missed her!

Parking Tickets
Please remember to curb your wheels when parking in front of our office. We recently had a patient get a parking ticket for not curbing their wheels for parking on a hill greater than or equal to a 3% grade. That was the first time this had occurred.
Arwa's Visit
I know many of our patients remember and loved Arwa who left us because of a difficult commute. We were so happy to see her during her recent visit! She is doing well and is now dental assisting in Oakland closer to her home. We miss her!
Yosemite Winter Hike
Earlier this month, my passion for hiking brought us again to nearby Yosemite National Park whose timeless beauty can be seen at any time of year. This time we hiked to Clouds Rest starting from the valley floor. It literally took us all day to hike the 25 mile round trip distance, but the beautiful views, camaraderie of my hiking partners, and the challenge of the hike were all well worth it.

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Smile Makeover of the Month

A fixed bridge to replace a missing tooth was appropriate since the 2 teeth on either side of the space already had crowns needing replacement.
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