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May 2013 Newsletter

Stem cell science may someday
let you grow new teeth
Each year thousands of people lose a tooth due to trauma, decay, or gum disease. Traditional dentistry has long offered smile restoration solutions in the form of crown and bridge units, partial dentures, and dentures. A more permanent option, dental implants, became widely available in the 1980s.

Now, research in stem cell biology from King’s College London may lead to a new method of replacement for missing teeth – bioteeth. Researchers are attempting to use cells from a patient’s own gum tissues to grow full tooth structure. The challenge is sending the correct signals to this bioengineered material to trigger the growth of different cells necessary for formation of a tooth crown and root.

So far, researchers have successfully created a human/mouse tooth hybrid with root, dentin, and enamel. Of course, much more insight is needed before your dentist might be able to grow a new tooth from a gum scraping. Until then, a dental implant which mimics the root of a tooth, topped with a lustrous porcelain crown, will have you smiling, gap-free. Read More

First Time Mud Run
When I'm not hiking, what else does an old man like me do on a Sunday afternoon? As a change of pace from my usual hikes, we decided to try the becoming more popular obstacle racing events. This one, held near Sacramento, consisted of 17 different obstacles spaced over a 3 mile course. After crossing over, crawling under, and climbing up or through different obstacles of which many of them involved mud, I finished an unexpected 3rd Place in my age group.

Exceptional Dental Office
Eye Safety

In last month's newsletter, I wrote about what it means to be an "Exceptional Dental Office" and how we handle the common napkin bib clips as a source of infection.
(Click here to see our April 2013 newsletter.)

This month I want to emphasize our concern about eye safety.

Did you ever consider that the risk of eye injury is the same for both the patient and the person providing the treatment? Even a simple teeth cleaning may cause splatter that may cause infection or injury if it gets into your eyes. We encourage all patients to wear their own glasses during all appointments, and we provide disinfected safety glasses for those who don't already wear glasses.

Smile Makeover of the Month

Even mature patients can lessen their risk of heart problems through improved oral hygiene after Invisalign® treatment to straighten crooked teeth that were difficult to keep clean.
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