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March 2012 Newsletter

10 surprising truths about grinning!
Hello Valued Patients,
Did you ever think that your smile was not important? Science has proven that it is. Here are 10 surprising truths about grinning.

1) Smiling can benefit your body. Smiling is actually easier on your facial muscles than frowning since smiling only requires 17 muscles and frowning requires 43. Smiling can also lower blood pressure, and if you add a laugh you will actually be burning calories.

2) Only humans can smile. This fact separates us from animals, and it is a natural mechanism that is with us from birth.

3) Women tend to smile more than men. This is true in general, but research has shown that men and women tend to smile the same amount when they are in the same profession. This is because the workplace tends to have a “smiling standard” that is followed by most employees.

4) Our smiles communicate different things. Happiness, fear, grief, hatred and more. A smile can be heartfelt or artificial. You can sometimes tell if a smile is sincere because your eyes scrunch up.

5) We are more attractive when we smile. Forget the makeup ladies. Wear a smile instead!

6) Smiling can prolong your life. Research has shown that generally happy people (the ones who smile a lot) tend to have a life expectancy of nearly a decade longer than those who are not happy.

7) Smiling can improve your marriage. People who frequently smile have better relationships. This may be because happy people attract other happy people or because smiles tend to be more expressive of emotions.

8) Smiling releases endorphins. Those feel good hormones naturally release stress.

9) Smiling produces antibodies. Give your immune system a boost and have fewer sick days by flashing your pearly whites.

10) Smiling is contagious. Most people smile when others smile at them. So share a smile and brighten someone’s day.
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As you can see there are many benefits to smiling more. If you have been hiding your smile because you are self-conscious of your teeth, don’t wait another day. There are many treatments that can help you have a stunning smile that you will want to share with the world. Visit our website to see pictures, read testimonials and learn about the treatments we offer. We look forward to seeing your beautiful smiling face very soon.

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