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Baby teeth are temporary: Do you really need to worry about cavities?
The short answer to this question is, “Yes!” According to a comprehensive eight-year study performed by researchers from the New York University College of Dentistry, preschoolers with cavities are three times more likely to develop cavities in their adult teeth. A separate study from 2004 found that a person’s oral health at age five was a strong predictive factor in his or her oral health at age twenty-six.
Researchers believe there are several reasons for the strong connection.
  • Caries (tooth decay) is a type of infection. Once it is established, it may be difficult to control the bacteria even when decayed teeth are pulled.
  • Poor brushing and flossing routines established in childhood may continue into adulthood.
  • Baby teeth act as space holders for adult teeth. If they are lost prematurely, the child may be more likely to have misaligned permanent teeth, which are more challenging to brush and floss.
One of the most common, and dangerous, misconceptions about childhood oral health is that primary (baby) teeth don’t really matter anyway. In reality, poor dental health in early childhood lays a foundation for a lifetime of problems. Fortunately, the reverse is also true – good health and habits early on can reward your child for life. Read more
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Interviewing for new team members
Last newsletter we wrote about being sorry to see our hygienist, Manny, and our dental assistant, Bennie, both leave us to help care for their family members. So if you see new faces in our office, know that we are in the process of interviewing for new team members, and as always we welcome your feedback. Thanks!
Sleep Apnea News
Community Service - Health Fairs
Valero Benicia Refinery's Safety & Wellness Fair

Valero, Dentist San Francisco
With our involvement and expertise in dental sleep medicine, our success in screening patients to catch those who have gone undiagnosed by their physicians have led us to participate in health fairs. Dr. Arellano recently took part in Valero Refinery's Safety & Wellness Fair for their employees on July 21st in the East Bay. Of the 20 people that we screened using the same screener form that we use for our own patients, 12 people scored high enough to warrant further evaluation by their physician for possible sleep apnea.
Fairmont Hotel's 2016 Sustainability Health & Wellness Fair
Fairmont, Dentist San Francisco
More locally, we are participating in the Fairmont Hotel's fair for the benefit of their employees. We are again screening and educating their employees about the early diagnosis of sleep apnea and its treatment options. For their many more employees who might also live in San Francisco, we may get the opportunity to work personally with these patients in providing them with oral appliances.
Professional Service - Lectures
Lecture, Dentist San Francisco
Dental Sleep Medicine has been a recent topic in the field of dentistry since the recent acceptance by the professional medical associations of oral appliances as an alternative to treating sleep apnea. Even medical insurance companies are now paying for this life saving treatment within the limits of their benefits. Dr. Arellano was asked to speak to his colleagues at an upcoming dental symposium in September on the role dentists play in treating sleep apnea.
New Service - Pinhole Surgical Technique® Success and Testimonial!
In our last newsletter, we wrote about our first case after Dr. Arellano's certification course in March 2016. We want to show you the healing the day after treatment shows no incisions nor any stitches were needed for the success of this case. Our patient provided this testimonial:

"A few months ago, I had a new procedure done called a pinhole gum graft. Due to receding gum lines, it was necessary that I needed to do this. The doctor gave me a choice between this new procedure or the traditional way of cutting into the gums. Oh boy am I glad I chose this new procedure. The healing process was so simple and painless. Throughout the healing I did not experience any pain at all which was great. Like most people I am allergic to pain. All I had to do was keep the area clean and rinse with a prescription mouthwash that the doctor prescribed. And that was basically it. If I had chosen to cut into the gums, I would probably still be in pain. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone." Amy D.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique®, also known as Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation prevents root sensitivity, root cavities, and possible tooth loss from gum recession; it can be used to cover root erosions/abfractions; and can level gum lines and cover unsightly crown margins for improving your smile. Call us at 415-881-4343 for more information.
Before and After Images, Dentist San Francisco

"Gum recession treated without incisions, stitches, or tissue from the roof of the mouth using the Pinhole Surgical Technique®."
When I'm not doing dentistry...
Ballet, Dentist San Francisco
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In June, I was again given the opportunity to participate with my daughters in their ballet school's spring performance of Don Quixote & Other Ballet Favorites. Although a smaller role than my debut as Drosselmeyer in their Nutcracker production last December, I actually had to "dance" rather than only play a character role this time. With guidance from the instructor, I choreographed and rehearsed my routine that included the use of a prop. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun and cherished participating in an activity that my daughters enjoy. In one scene, I actually had to give one of my daughters away in marriage. Boy, that was awkward! -Leo
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