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JULY 2013 Newsletter

So, you decided to whiten . . .
Now, what can you do to keep your dazzling smile?

Professional teeth whitening effectively removes years of deep, stubborn stains. It gives most patients an emotional boost and the confidence to show off a bright smile in business and social situations. Here are some tips to keep your new smile looking its best.

Firm, raw produce like celery, cauliflower, carrots, apples, and green beans (yes, green beans are delicious fresh!) promote white teeth in several ways. Their texture “scrubs” teeth while you chew. Their natural flavors stimulate flow of saliva that helps to remove food debris from teeth and neutralizes acids. The lactic acid in high-calcium dairy products helps to prevent decay. Hard cheeses minimize food particles left on teeth.

What to avoid for whiter teeth – tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless), coffee, tea, red and white wine, carbonated soft drinks, blueberries, and soy sauce.

Maintain great home care (brush after eating, floss nightly), touch up your smile with take-home whitening trays, and visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep your smile sparkling after a professional whitening.
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Exceptional Dental Office
If in Doubt, Throw It Out

The easiest way to ensure sterility and cleanliness for all our patients is to use disposable items where appropriate. These items may not be easily cleaned or sterilized or are meant to be single use only. This includes most plastic and paper items; and plastic and paper barriers used to cover handles, table and counter tops.

All our gloves are meant for single use also. The most common question we get is how the suction tubes are handled. These items seen in the photo are discarded after use.
Upcoming Changes to Our Office Family
Our long time dental assistant of 9 years, Alicia, sadly worked her last day with us on July 8th. Our office was Alicia's first job after dental assisting school, but after a full year of commuting to work after a move to San Jose, we knew it was only a matter of time that an almost 2 hour one-way commute would take its toll. We admired her loyalty to our team in that she saw and fully contributed to the quality service that we strived to provide.

I have always received compliments from many of our patients about how well she worked chairside with me and how skillful she was when working with patients on her own. Her high standards added value to our team. We will all sorely miss her as a team member and as a friend.

In the coming weeks, please bear with us and expect to see new faces as we try to find and train a new team member. And if you happen to know someone who might be a good fit for us, please let us know.
Leo Arellano, DDS

How to Strengthen Teeth Without Crowns -- Biomimetic Dentistry Update
Dr. Arellano recently attended a 2-day hands on workshop updating his knowledge and skills in Biomimetic Dentistry. For those trying to avoid crowns usually needed to strengthen weak teeth, one alternative is to utilize Biomimetic Dentistry techniques that best mimic the characteristics and strength of a natural tooth based on research and the restorative products currently available. These techniques are so advanced that only one dental school in the U.S., the University of Southern California (USC), has begun to teach these techniques and eliminate the use of silver-mercury fillings in their curriculum. For more information about these techniques, please visit my website at or call us.

From left to right: Dr. Leo Arellano with Dr. Matthew A. Nejad of USC Dental School, the only dental school in the nation to start teaching these principles and techniques; Mike Swan owner of Cystalmark Dental Systems, the air abrasion technology used in many of the techniques; and Dr. David S. Alleman, national speaker and pioneer of minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry procedures in the United States.
Hiking in Yosemite's Summer Heat
On June 28th, my friends and I set out to conquer the Yosemite Double Crown (El Capitan and Glacier Point) and our self-contrived Yosemite Valley Rim to Rim (Eagle Peak to Sentinel Dome). It may have been our most grueling, mentally-taxing yet so satisfyingly miserable day as the temperatures hit the 90's.

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Mission accomplished! In spite of high temperatures and persistent doubts, here we are sitting atop Sentinel Dome at dusk, the terminus of our Yosemite Valley Rim to Rim hike. We started from our car at Yosemite Lodge on the valley floor before sunrise at 5:30, topped El Capitan at 9:15, summited Eagle Peak at 11:00, returned to the valley for lunch and recuperation around 2:00, left for the South Rim at 3:45, reached Glacier Point at 7:30, bagged Sentinel Dome at 8:30, and touched our car at 10 minutes before midnight. Totals: 34 miles, 18 hours, 20 minutes, 8000'+ elevation gain, 20 liters of water, 3200mg Ibuprofen, 50+ mosquito bites, and 6 sore feet.
Smile Makeover of the Month

Severe gum recession with recurrent root decay and re-repairs of the filling remedied with a simple gum graft to cover the root, simplify oral hygiene, and make future repairs easier.
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