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MARCH 2014 Newsletter

Simple, effective oral care tips
Good oral health is important at every stage of life, and we all know effective oral hygiene and regular dental visits can help protect our dental health, but these easy steps can help as well.

• Calcium – Eating calcium rich foods such as soybeans, cheese, and yogurt can help maintain the strength of your teeth.

• Vitamin D – This vitamin, which we typically get from sunshine, helps our bodies absorb calcium.

• Vitamin C – Deficiencies in vitamin C can cause serious dental problems. Citrus fruits are loaded with this vitamin, but make sure to rinse after eating them because their high acid content could cause enamel erosion.

• Saliva – Our saliva is our best weapon against bacteria. Drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables increase saliva production, which rinses away bacteria and helps remineralize our teeth.

• Mother Nature’s toothbrushes – If you can’t brush or floss during the day, foods such as celery, apples, and carrots can clean teeth naturally.

Delight your dentist by practicing these healthy habits!
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It's a Girl!
Dr. Cynthia Wong
had an unexpected
special Valentine's Day gift
this year.
Her baby girl,
Kaitlyn Hao-yi Lau
at 6.6 lbs and 18.5 inches,
was born at 3:13 a.m.
on February 14, 2014,
more than 2 weeks before
her expected due date.
We're glad to know that
everyone is healthy and doing well.
New Team Photo
Last month’s team event resulted in a great new team photo though we regret that Dr. Suzan Hahn was not able to attend. The photo will be added to our office website and social media sites. From left to right: Cynthia Wong, DDS; Debbie Wertheimer, RDH; Kathie Bianucci; Mei Lee Tran; Leo Arellano, DDS; Anna Mirtseva, RDA; Jonathan Golib, DA
Biomimetic Dentistry
As a member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, I recently noticed my picture as one of the photos being featured on their website. Learn how Biomimetic Dentistry can help you save teeth at
It's like being back in school again
I recently participated in a number of hands-on courses to learn about new materials and techniques. What's the benefit? Many patients are electing non-metal and no-mercury dental materials to restore their teeth. Today's tooth-colored dental materials and dental implant restorations require more exacting technique to ensure their strength, predictability, and esthetics over time. The courses reviewed the best porcelain materials and bonding techniques to assure your satisfaction with the comfort, durability, and beauty of the final restoration. But, just as important as the final "picture", is the "frame" that surrounds the picture. For our "picture", the teeth, the "frame" is the surrounding gum and bone that support the teeth. The courses reviewed how the "picture" and "frame" can both enhance or detract from each other.

What a refreshing change of pace it was to attend these courses one of which was held at one of our local dental schools in San Francisco.
On the search for a new Dental Hygienist
Thank you all for your feedback on the hygienists who have been working for us on a trial basis. We will be making a decision on who to hire soon, so we would appreciate any further feedback. As you remember from our December 2013 newsletter, both Debbie Wertheimer, RDH and Dr. Cynthia Wong will be limiting their days with us.
Community Service
Last month, along with my colleague Eric Yabu, DDS and some of the 4th-year dental students from UCSF, we completed the delivery of custom athletic mouthguards to the San Francisco State University basketball and wrestling teams. It gave me a chance to assist Dr. Yabu teach his Sports Dentistry class at UCSF Dental School and provide a complimentary service to our local university. How nice that they showed their appreciation by sending a photo of them wearing our mouthguards!

Donner Party 2014 - A Winter Hike
A few years back I discovered snowshoeing. Now, I had no reason to limit my hikes to only 3 seasons.

But hiking on snow covered trails presents difficulties like, "Where is the trail?" and "Why are we going so slow?" These difficulties and more plagued us and put a damper on our ambitious goal to hike the 17-mile segment of the Pacific Crest Trail between the Sugar Bowl and Squaw Valley ski resorts near Lake Tahoe in a day.

The trail has historic significance as it passes by the route taken by the infamous Donner Party in California history. And so just like the Donner Party, we learned the hard way that, "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." We ended up having to turn back 4 miles into the hike after coming up to an area not easily passable with the current trail conditions and the unsettled weather.

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Smile Makeover of the Month

A missing lower front tooth replaced by a fixed all-ceramic bonded bridge.
See more Smile Makeovers by Dr. Leo Arellano by clicking Here
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