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MARCH 2013 Newsletter

Seven surprising provisions for oral health
In addition to brushing after meals and flossing nightly, your daily food choices can contribute to a healthier smile. Consider the benefits of these seven – some might surprise you:

• Cheese is high in calcium and low in sugar. It contains casein which remineralizes tooth enamel for added defense against tooth decay.

• Bacteria in plaque consume sugar, creating acids that eat away at tooth enamel. Sugarless gum with Xylitol breaks that chain. Chewing gum also mechanically removes some food debris, plaque, and bacteria.

• Eating celery makes you generate saliva which flushes bacteria from the mouth. Its fibrous strands naturally clean teeth when chewing, as well.

• Fluoridated water remineralizes teeth, helping to reverse enamel damage from acids.

• Pears have a natural acid neutralizing impact on teeth. Fresh is best, since dried pears contain concentrated sugar and stick to teeth.

• Yogurt is full of casein, calcium, and phosphates to fortify tooth surfaces.

• Sesame seed oil reduces plaque and bacteria to fight gingivitis, while it aids in the remineralization of enamel.

So eat well, and skip the sugary snacks and soft drinks. Your teeth and your whole body will thank you.
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Our office was recently recognized on a website directory listing since we are providers of Biomimetic Dentstry, Dental Ozone Therapy, and Air Abrasion dentistry. The website, Mouth Matters, aims "... to give you info, tools and resources to understand the relationship between your oral health and physical well-being in your quest for optimal health and wellness."

We are proud of this unsolicited endorsement of our alternative services.
What's new in our practice?
Farewell Winter.... Welcome Spring!
After enjoying a hike on nearby Mt. Diablo after the last big winter snow storm on February 19th, the signs of spring are now evident in our office garden. Our Japanese maple trees are coming into leaf. To watch these trees go to full foliage in just days makes this my favorite time of year in our office. - Leo

Parking Reminders
Remember to curb your wheels when parking in the block in front of our office. We have again had another patient getting a parking ticket based on the street being a hill that is a 3% or more grade. Also, the meters are 2-hour meters unless it is a green meter which is then only a 30-minute meter.
Smile Makeover of the Month

A removable partial denture and failing remaining lower teeth replaced with a dental implant supported hybrid denture that is firmly retained by screws.
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