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JANUARY 2014 Newsletter

Enamel erosion: Exposing this sensitive situation
Your teeth are covered by a hard outer layer called enamel. Its job is to protect teeth from daily wear and tear. Enamel is extremely strong, but acids will eventually erode it. When that occurs, protection for the underlying dentin layer is compromised. Microscopic tubules in the dentin then allow sweet, cold, and hot foods and beverages to irritate nerves in the teeth.

What causes this sensitive situation?

• Excessive consumption of soft drinks and fruit juices
   which have a high acid content.
• Eating lots of sour food or candies.
• Poor oral hygiene. Harmful bacteria thrive on food
   debris (especially starch and sugar) left in the mouth,
   and excrete enamel-eating acids.
• Chronic dry mouth – saliva helps to neutralize acids
   and flush food debris.
• Acid reflux or heartburn allows stomach acids to enter
   the mouth.
• Frequent vomiting such as binge drinking, alcoholism,
   or bulimia.
• Some medications (like aspirin) and supplements
   (vitamin C) if taken regularly or in large amounts.
• Aggressive brushing with a hard toothbrush or overly
   abrasive toothpaste.
• Bruxism – grinding and clenching your teeth together.

Your best defense against enamel erosion is a healthy diet, good home oral hygiene, and regular dental visits. Fluoride or remineralizing toothpastes or mouth rinses can also help to strengthen teeth.
Update - Zoom® In-Office Teeth Whitening
Are you concerned about teeth whitening results that look unnaturally white? This patient was too but was relieved and ecstatic with the results with our Zoom® treatment. Normal one appointment in-office bleaching at most will remove discoloration related to normal age and food related intrinsic staining. Take advantage of our limited time special offer to start the New Year with a healthy bright smile.
Hiking - Looking forward to 2014
On December 27, 2013, I took my last hike of the year up Mt. Diablo making for about 30 summit hikes for 2013. Considering that each hike is just under 10 miles...that's a lot of miles! Then on New Year's morning, January 1, 2014, I was fortunate again to have clear skies for our now 2nd annual New Year's morning hike to watch the sun rise on New Year's Day. Both hikes were spectacular!

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Smile Makeover of the Month

Zoom® in-office bleaching used to whiten age related yellow staining.
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