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APRIL 2013 Newsletter

Sensitive teeth? You aren’t alone!
You take a drink of hot coffee or a mouthful of ice cream – maybe even just a big breath of cool morning air – and, OUCH!, your teeth immediately respond. A recent dental study reveals that one in eight Americans have highly sensitive teeth. It is most common among women, those between the ages of 18 and 44, and people who use over-the-counter whitening products.

Dental sensitivity occurs when exterior tooth enamel thins or when gums recede exposing tiny tunnels leading to nerves. Pain is triggered by cold or hot temperatures, and very sweet or acidic foods. Cultures with an acidic cuisine and who consume a lot of wine have a higher incidence of sensitivity. The discomfort usually subsides quickly, and the problem may come and go throughout a patient’s lifetime.

Sensitive teeth aren’t generally a health hazard, but it’s important to see your dentist to rule out cavities, a chipped tooth, or gum disease as the cause. The good news is that products are available to keep teeth more comfortable. Drinking or rinsing with water after reaction-causing foods may also help. Since the dentin, a material inside your teeth, gets thicker as you age, sensitivity usually lessens over time. Read More

People in San Francisco can brighten their smiles with teeth bleaching
It isn't surprising that teeth whitening, also called bleaching, is the most commonly requested cosmetic dental treatment in San Francisco and across the nation. Psychologists have found that opinions of people's character are formed within seconds of a first meeting, based solely on appearance.

Since a smile is usually the first thing noticed, and the last thing forgotten when interacting with others, many people begin with their smiles when working on their image. Small steps can make a big difference, and teeth whitening is an accessible, affordable, and effective way to improve a smile. To determine how effective whitening treatments will be, and to maintain the results after treatment, it is helpful to understand the most common causes of discoloration: Read More
Exceptional Dental Office
We continue to be rated as "Exceptional Dental Office" for 2013 by Mr. Tom Terry, a national healthcare consultant and educator about patient safety

His experience includes being a field inspector and investigator in the dental field. This rating means, "The standard of the office must be to deliver to every patient the highest quality of care at the highest level of safety no matter what it takes or no matter what the cost. This means surpassing the requirements that are set by government agencies like Consumer Affairs, Dental Board, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health Services and OSHA."

For example, long before the recent news reported that even the commonly disinfected napkin bib clips used on each patient were a possible source of bacterial contamination, we were taking it a step further and sterilizing the clips to ensure your safety.
Smile Makeover of the Month

Full Reconstruction with Braces, Gum Surgery, Implants, Crowns, and Veneers
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