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FEBRUARY 2012 Newsletter

Preventing Bacteria from Falling in With the Wrong Crowd Could Help Stop Gum Disease
ScienceDaily (Feb. 7, 2012) — Stripping some mouth bacteria of their access key to gangs of other pathogenic oral bacteria could help prevent gum disease and tooth loss. The study, published in the journal Microbiology suggests that this bacterial access key could be a drug target for people who are at high risk of developing gum disease.

Oral bacteria called Treponema denticola frequently gang up in communities with other pathogenic oral bacteria to produce destructive dental plaque. This plaque, made up of bacteria, saliva and food debris, is a major cause of bleeding gums and gum disease. Later in life this can lead to periodontitis and loss of teeth. It is this interaction between different oral pathogens that is thought to be crucial to the development of periodontal disease.

Researchers from the University of Bristol have discovered that a molecule on the surface of Treponema called CTLP acts as the key pass that grants the bacterium access to the community, by allowing it to latch onto other oral bacteria. Once incorporated, CTLP in conjunction with other bacterial molecules can start to wreak havoc by inhibiting blood clotting (leading to continued bleeding of the gums) and causing tissue destruction.

Professor Howard Jenkinson, who led the study, said that periodontal disease and bleeding gums are common ailments, affecting many groups of people, including the elderly, pregnant women and diabetics. "Devising new means to control these infections requires deeper understanding of the microbes involved, their interactions, and how they are able to become incorporated into dental plaque," he said. Read more
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What’s new at your practice?
We are pleased and happy to welcome back our former dental assistant, Mandy Bartley, RDA. Her pleasant and caring personality has been missed even though she had previously worked with us for only a few short months. Now 4 years later, she has quickly fitted in again as if she had never left. She also brings to our general dental practice her experience dental assisting in an oral surgery practice. We know that you'll like her as we all do.

Since our last newsletter, our office has become one of the major dental offices helping patients with their sleep apnea. We have been working closely with Kaiser and the California Center for Sleep Disorders as one of their main providers for oral snoring and sleep apnea appliances as an alternative to the CPAP machine for their patients. For more information, you can read more on our website here or give us a call.
Featured Testimonial
Hands down the best dentist I've ever had. Thanks to a former co-worker's recommendation, I've been in great care for the past 2 years. Like most, I am not a fan of dentists & the pain they seem to inflict on me, but Dr. Arellano is soooo goood. I usually brace myself every time I have to get a shot in the mouth, but just yesterday, he gave me the BEST SHOT EVER! He was elated that I told him too. It was super gentle. I asked if he changed his technique (not that the other shots were ever horrible... just not this good), but he just stated that different parts of the mouth require different levels of care due to sensitivity. In all other respects he is also awesome. And, his staff is amazingly nice & on point... Mei especially & I forget the dental assistant's name that usually helps Dr. A (a young & very sweet Latina/White? chickadee). I also have Debbie as hygienist, and she is cool beans. She tells me how it is and what I need to do to make it better. Christine O. San Francisco, CA
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