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Jessica Stanley

Dear friends,

You may have seen in 162. READ.LOOK.THINK. that I can no longer send out my email newsletter for free using MailChimp because I've got too many subscribers.

Lots of lovely people suggested that I offer a paid subscription but I would feel so slack and embarrassed to do so when I sometimes go for months without a post.

In the end, I have moved the email newsletter to a service called Substack. You can find it here:

Everyone who gets this email should automatically receive the new emails.

I'm also planning to share more links day-to-day on my Twitter. Yes, it's a horrific platform. But why not carve out our own bit of it where we share the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good? I'm on Twitter, and Instagram, as @dailydoseofjess.

Lastly, if you have enjoyed READ.LOOK.THINK. please consider sharing it with your friends. This is the link for them to sign up (and they can also read some Archives to get a sense of whether they like it):

Can you believe I have been doing this quixotic labour of love for nearly ten years? It has put me in touch with so many kind, thoughtful, funny, amazing people. I love to think of us spread around the world, loving books and cooking and personal essays and tours of Rachel Cusk's house.


PS. If getting this email out of the blue has appalled you, please remember to go to Substack to unsubscribe! If that's possible! Otherwise save up the pique and unsub when the first Substack READ.LOOK.THINK. comes out. I'm going to shut down this MailChimp account today. 

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