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READ.LOOK.THINK. is guest curated today by talented young Melbourne-based film maker Nathania Gilson. You will love her tumblr Unicornology.

READ: I would, instead, slowly practice and progress as normal people do until, if lucky, I became good. A good writer. And would I be happy then? | “Don’t do that,” Levinson said. “Don’t act.” “But then it sounds like I’m just a guy sitting and having a cup of coffee,” Reiser said.| “That’s what we’re looking for.” How Barry Levinson’s Diner changed cinema, 30 years later. | The beleaguered art of fashion criticism. | “How do you be free? You can't. All you can do is scream in your room.” Emily Kai Bock discusses the making of Grizzly Bear’s Yet Again. | Susan Sontag on writing. | I feel like There’s something impenetrable about that cool girl and wanting to know her more intimately, but I also think there’s something about that girl where she doesn’t really know herself yet... Director Ry-Russo Young in conversation with Vulture.

LOOK: Natasha Kahn discusses the making of The Haunted Man. | Dhabas: The Roadside Cafes of South India | The world can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Kimberly and Nancy Wu take us inside their new Portland Studio, where parts of the Vin Diesel film XXX was filmed (a major selling point). | Behold, the Heartschallenger Ice Cream Truck. | Anne Hardy’s alternate universe(s). | Is this Heathers or real life? | Dreamy mesh and metal necklaces from The Vamoose. | What happens when you soak flowers in a liquid nitrogen bath for half an hour: broken flowers.

THINK: Leunig drew this 13 years ago. | You must not fear, hold back, count or be a miser with your thoughts and feelings. | France in the year 2000. | I’m so excited about watching The Master next week with Paul Thomas Anderson in attendance. The Huffington Post interviewed him about the hocus pocus of filmmaking. | ‘I’ll dance through the streets when everybody else is walking with their hands in their pockets and their heads down. And I will seem to everybody like I am living.’ Garrett Hedlund in conversation with Little White Lies. | Konrad Smolenski’s The End is an on-going art project started in 2007 comprising of materials such as wood, rags, petrol, explosives, loudspeakers and sound. | Handmade screensavers to quiet your mind: Further Abstracts by Alma Alloro.

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