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Jessica Stanley


This is 153. READ.LOOK.THINK.

READ: I have forgotten how to read. | "She tries “even though I’m married” and “I know it’s wrong” and “my wife” with no luck." | Elena Ferrante: "I’m tired of fiction, I no longer see a reason to go hunting for anecdotes." | "I hated my father more than my siblings hated him because, as a writer, I was sensitive to the fact that he’d ruined all my stories." | “People get trapped in time,” she says when I call her a few days later. “They judge you on your history and bring that baggage with them.” | "Writing depends on authority, the belief that what we say matters. But I’d weigh every paragraph of that necessarily crappy early draft against my children’s needs, and the paragraphs mattered little. | "He knew that to groom girls you must erase mothers." | “Are you willing to go to war and write about it?” | "I have had to fight these feelings—simultaneously being too much, not enough, misunderstood, not seen—all of my life and now, it seemed, the messages were coming not just from society or pop culture, but from inside my own house, my own body, my core, the life I am so proud to be growing and full of." / Angela Garbes' book: Like a Mother: a feminist journey through the science and culture of pregnancy. | Asymmetry sounds good. | I loved Knausgaard's Spring.

LOOK: This podcast interview with Zadie Smith makes me feel better and more righteous about some of my girls' stereotypically feminine preferences. | Sorry, is this too obvious? But you should definitely watch the Crown. | Edith Zimmerman's first year sober. | "Keep some parts of your life, memory and culture off line." | How to preserve your family memories. | How to break up with your phone. | Virginia Woolf’s Monk's House photograph album. | David Tanis' spiced lamb meatballs with yogurt and herbs. / Creamy potato gratin with smoked and fresh salmon. / (You can probably tell I recently signed up to the very good NYT Cooking newsletter.) | Basically. | KKW Weekkly. | #28daysofoatmeal!

THINK: "Following the Fort Lauderdale rally, after more media interviews, Kasky invited everyone over for a slumber party...” Beautiful brave inspiring teens. | "I know that many men and even women are afraid and angry when women do speak, because in this barbaric society, when women speak truly they speak subversively - they can't help it: if you're underneath, if you're kept down, you break out, you subvert. We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains." | “Feminism is a vision of active freedom, of fulfilled desires, or it is nothing.” | "But by and large I had been alone. So. Very. Alone. Publicly Alone—abandoned most of all by the key figure in the crisis, who actually knew me well and intimately." | "Harassment is always a sexual demand, but it also carries a more sinister and pathetic injunction: ‘You will think about me.’" | "... each time, I hesitated, and a handful of hesitations that take only a second added up to years of failing to make a decision." | By "making choices and, more important, imagining other, better choices, will give us the best chance possible of coming out of the darkness better than we were when we went in."  


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