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This is 151. READ.LOOK.THINK.

READ: I read this and thought "brilliant and true Art," immediately saved for READ.LOOK.THINK. I only found out later about the think piece explosion: “Cat Person.” | The Vanity Fair Diaries by Tina Brown (a preview). | My Tina Brown-fest led me to finally read the BEST BOOK OF ALL TIME: her Princess Diana bio. | “Fortunately, you suffer neither from impotence nor alcoholism. That is in your favor.” | Raising a teenage daughter* (the annotations are special). | Is there a way of being selfish without hurting anyone? |  "Sure, I’m attuned to my children and thoughtful with my friends; I keep a cozy house, listen to my husband, and am reasonably kind to my parents. In everyday deed and thought, I’m a decent-enough human. But I’m something else as well, something vaguely resembling a, well, monster." | You must read Meaghan O'Connell's furiously ambivalent and super dry memoir of pregnancy, birth and the early months of motherhood when it comes out early next year (pre-order UK | US). I wonder if she will get h8 for being so honest? But it is a service to women to be so open, and the writing is so dark and so good. 

LOOK: Where should we begin? Esther Perel's podcast series featuring therapy with real couples. | The fascist haircut. | Native Australian pot plants. |  Instant Pot starter guide (including minestrone soup). | Bay leaf toffees. | Zero waste vegetable stock. | Immunity soup (white pepper broth). | Ottolentils. | Beetroot and ginger curry. | "... tofu that’s sliced and marinated with liquid amino or tamari, then cooked in coconut oil so it gets feathery and crisp on the outside and custardy on the inside, then Calabrian chilli oil on top..." | Too embarrassed to write the name of this parenting podcast, but the episodes I have listened to are good. | Australian Birth Stories podcast. | How to be a modern parent. | Queer Bible. | FREE PERIODS. | HELP REFUGEES.

THINK: The end of the social era can’t come soon enough. | "Does this one pain matter, in a world of pain? Whose pain is this, anyway? And how can I bear to witness it alone?" |  "What is never properly understood by those who do not experience it is how deep the rage over inequality goes once it is made conscious, how far-reaching it can be and yes, how unforgiving." | "What freedoms might one have to surrender in order for others to be free?" | "That means that when they fall, we feel for them, even as we recoil from them, because their power has allowed them to be made known to us, admired by us." | "We can’t go back in time and have the story of Hillary Clinton written by people who have not been accused of pressing their erections into the shoulders of young women who worked for them." |  "When she returned to work after her first maternity leave, one of her colleagues reported her to the serjeant-at-arms for taking the baby through the division lobby under her coat. She had to explain to the official that, in fact, 'I was still fat from being pregnant.'"



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