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Jessica Stanley


This is 152. READ.LOOK.THINK.

READ: "The power you feel in drag is available to you 24/7." | Fate. | Helen Garner reading True Stories. | Alan Bennett's diary. | What does your husband think of your novel? | His own pictures weren’t hung in the house. | Katja Blichfeld gets what she wants. | "I fell in love with the virtues of reading before I understood what I was teaching myself to learn, which was: how to be wanted and how to be hated, for the same reasons.

LOOK: A beginner’s guide to backing up all of your photos. | "But, if we're being honest, these days that future feels like optimism." | The Daily episode on Tonya Harding. | How can we oppose Trump without being like Trump? | Making Obama podcast. | Layers podcast. | ‘The Bride (Lawrence Alloway)’, Sylvia Sleigh, 1949. / Mutual muses. | Maggi Hambling smoking in an orchard. | "Packing a single suitcase, she moved into a studio apartment in Greenwich Village..." | “all my life I sculpted motherhood.” | Yum though. | Irish stew. | Beans. | Samin Nosrat's garlic bread. | Beautiful flat. | Revisit the spaces you’ve resigned yourself to

THINK: "You can probably take it as a rule of thumb from now on that if people don't think you're weird, you're living badly." | Things that children say that mean "I'm anxious." | “tense but secure.” | “Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child. Nature doesn’t disdain what only lives for a day. It pours the whole of itself into each moment..." | Work wife. (Chief Feelings Officer). | “It seemed to me that too many of the women’s culture people had merely switched from trying to please men to trying to please other women.” | "I kept quiet for a while, and then typed something like, “Aww guys, no, the Internet is great.” I meant it, though the sentiment now feels as distant as preschool." |  Should I have a baby? | Serena's birth story. | "Now, unwillingly pregnant at age 37, I had no idea if I was capable of either option: another baby, or ridding myself of a pregnancy. Each option felt equally terrifying." | Twenty parenting books you should actually read. / "Our mistake [...] isn’t one of employing the wrong techniques, but of thinking in terms of techniques at all – in imagining that anything as complex as a relationship between humans could be reduced to a set of consciously manipulable variables."

ME TOO: We harpies want more. | “The animal can’t relax until it knows the presence of authority of another, and we are all animals.” | "I started the Media Men List." | "...then she's out like yesterday's trash, and then what does she have to take care of herself? These poor girls have no real money." / Podcast deepdive: how Ellen Pompeo got paid. | Maybe men will be scared for a while. | "...women are more likely to cry when they get angry, as if their bodies are forcibly returning them to the appearance of the emotion — sadness — with which they are most commonly associated."


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