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Helpful Hint: Granite Maintenance

We wanted to give you some helpful hints in maintaining the granite/stone surfaces in your home.

Sealing and Cleaning

Prior to installation, your countertops were sealed with a penetrating sealer. They will need to be resealed every 2-3 years. This sealant will help the absorption of any compound that can stain the granite. However, no sealer is perfect, so the best way to avoid a stain is to quickly wipe off the compound in question. Stains are caused most frequently by cooking oil and by rust from pots & pans. For oily stains, try a poultice made of a cup of flour or baking soda and 5 tablespoons of dish soap. Add water to make it the consistency of sour cream or yogurt. Place the solution directly on the stain and cover with plastic wrap overnight, before washing away the poultice.

Avoiding Scratches

Granite is a quartz based material and can be scratched by anything harder than quartz (such as diamonds). Although knives cannot scratch granite, granite will dull your blades quickly - so it is not recommended to cut on granite surfaces. Certain stoneware dishes containing silica sand (such as pizza- stones) pose a risk of scratching.

Chips and Hot Pans

Hot pans will not affect granite in any way; however, avoid the seams which are epoxy-based and could melt with over-exposure to heat. Chips in granite surfaces are also rare - banging heavy items onto the corner may cause such a chip. If a chip occurs keep that piece - it can be epoxied back into place!

Daily Care

Use products designed specifically for stone. Cleaners and disinfectants of this type are neutral on the acid scale, so they pose no risk of hurting the polish. Avoid bleach or cleaners with grit in them. To avoid streaking, wipe until completely dry. Windex or simple dish-soap and water will work well to clean your counters.


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