The Mews: August 2014
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August 2014!

There are many reasons to break out the catnip this month, as Singapore celebrates her 49th birthday! CWS would like to take this opportunity to not only celebrate Singapore's Independence, but also applaud the actions of the unsung everyday heroes of the local community - volunteer caretakers and cat feeders. These individuals are often ignored and forgotten although they're such a crucial and significant part of cat welfare on our island.
For the month of August, we hope that you can extend a greeting or sign of appreciation towards them for their contributions in making the lives of community cats better. If you're a caretaker yourself, we thank you!
We also held our online fundraiser earlier in the month and were able to raise the minimum amount to sterilise 4548 cats for our Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme! We are very grateful to all supporters and donors of the campaign as we continually work towards the making cat culling a thing of the past!

​We just got Nylon-ed!

We are happy to announce that leading fashion and beauty magazine, Nylon Singapore has chosen CWS to be their adopted charity . One of the first few things that all cat lovers can look forward to is the 2015 CWS calendar, which will be designed by Nylon Singapore.
You can help contribute by sending in your best neighbourhood cat snaps along with a short story of the cat you found to
Also, do watch out for an upcoming feature in the October issue of the magazine!

Spay Day 2014

10th October is CWS's Annual Spay Day!
In line with our emphasis on Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM), one of CWS’s key projects is Spay Day, an annual event that provides free sterilisation for cats. We are going to give back to the community by helping some low income families this year.
Sterilisation has health benefits for both feline and human residents. It reduces the risk of some cancers and fatal diseases in both male and female cats. Male cats will be less likely to spray their smelly urine or fight with other cats and sustain injuries from those brawls. Better behaviour from the cats will make their human neighbours happy too!
Volunteers & Volunteer drivers with cars are needed on Spay Day 2014. Low income families are welcome to write in for our consideration (terms and conditions applies).
Please send us an email to if you would like to be involved!

Save the Beach Road Cats

Several recent cases of the animal abuse have been reported in the Beach Road and North Bridge Road area. A young cat was found dead at Blk 9 North Bridge Road's car park on the 1st of August, a week after another dead cat was found with evidence of abuse in the same neighbourhood (image). 

The cases have been reported to the police, the Moulmein-Kallang community (town council and community centre) and SPCA. 
Volunteers will be working with the town council to put up posters on the notice boards in the area to raise awareness and the issue will be brought up to the MP of the constituency and related government agencies.

Watch out for the cats in your neighbourhood, and if you witness any abuse taking place, take photographic and/or video evidence of the abuse if possible and call the numbers below immediately

Rochor NPC: 1800-2949999
SPCA Hotline: 62875355
Kampong Glam NPP: 1800-2989999 (12 noon to 10pm)

A facebook page has been set up to update on  the Beach Road cats abuse cases at

Petfie, a photo sharing app for animals, was recently launched at a fur-filled event sponsored by The Cat Cafe. 
The app allows for pet owners and members of the community to create profiles as well as set Geomapping tags for pets and community animals. 
These community cat profile statuses, with options such as Sterilisation Needed or Help Needed, will benefit CWS for carrying out the Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP).
CWS would like to encourage the use of Petfie among animal lovers out there for the welfare and management of our community cats. Try it today!

Petfie is available at the iOS App Store and being currently being developed for the Android OS.

Special Appeals Spotlight

Orange is a community cat in the west. It went missing for 3 days and refused to eat when found again.

The vet diagnosed it to have liver issue. Orange was hospitalised from 18th to 24th August 2013.

The total medical cost incurred was SGD594.32.

The caregiver is appealing for donations to help defray the cost incurred for Orange, with the appeal amount at SGD594.32.

Anna is a community cat in western Singapore.

She was found lethargic and yellowish at the ears. She was sent to the vet and diagnosed with jaundice. Blood test was done and its liver index overshot by many folds.

Anna has recovered and returned to her territory.

The total medical cost incurred was SGD816.66.

The caregiver is appealing for donations to help defray the cost incurred for Anna, with the maximum appeal amount atSGD750.00.

There are many more open special appeal cases that require assistance on the Special Appeals Page.

Adoption Spotlight


6 years 3 months

Domestic Short Hair

Ah Pui

10 years
Domestic Short Hair


5 years
Domestic Short Hair

Upcoming Adoption Drives

7th September - Pet Lovers' Center Adoption Drive @ 498 Changi Road, Singapore 419903
21st September - The PAPA Shop Adoption Drive @ 2 Kallang Ave, #01-K2, CT HUB

Many more cats are available for adoption at our Public Adoption Bulletin.

Cat Tip 

When you are petting your neighbourhood stray, touching the belly may not be such a good idea as it is an area where cats feel vulnerable. It might scratch or bite! Try gently petting its head or chin first.  Of course, if a cat trusts you, you might be lucky enough to get access to it's belly! 


Meet a CWS-er

You might have seen her at an adoption drive giving out advice to potential cat owners or on the streets at night trapping strays. You might have even adopted your cat from her! Thenuga is definitely no stranger to the CWS community. The newly appointed president of CWS works tirelessly around the clock; as a lawyer by day and a cat rescuer by night.
On one of her earlier involvments with CWS, she witnessed the atrocity of a hoarder's house with more than 50 malnourished cats. It was then she realised the importance of sterilisation - "such a simple act would prevent such unwanted consequences". 
She hopes to see that one day, the HDB rule for cats will be repealed, as cat owners and animal lovers step up and fight for their rights to have cats in their homes. In Thenuga's term as president of CWS, she wants to encourage individuals to make an effort and make time to help what they care for - as ultimately, only the involvement of people will be able to make a difference. 
Header photograph taken by Gerald Paul Tan.
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