The Mews: October 2014
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We've having a Movie Event!

CWS and SOSD are going to the movies on 20 November! In the first collaboration between a cat and a dog welfare group, we present the charity movie premiere for 'The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1'.
The movie will be screened at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on 20 November, with two screening times - 9pm and 930pm. Tickets are priced at $30. Sales can be bought via Cathay Cineplexes box offices, the iCathay mobile app and Cathay Cineplexes' online booking site and will begin in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the support of the Patrick Harrigan Foundation and Cathay Cineplexes, all proceeds will benefit the cats and dogs of Singapore.
More details will be released on the CWS and SOSD websites and facebook pages soon, so stay tuned. Bring your friends and family and have a good time, while supporting a great cause!

Learn more about SOSD here.

Many of you might be interested in adopting one of our rescues, but are you truly ready to adopt a cat? here are some things to consider before committing to an adoption:
  • Is your family agreeable to it?
    • The commitment of getting a cat involves the entire household. Make sure that everyone is comfortable, willing to accept the cat, and contribute to taking care of it.  
    • Make sure your existing pets will be able to coexist with the incoming cat. Take note of your existing pet’s personality and their predisposition towards other animals.
    • If you stay in a rented accommodation, check with your landlord that pets are acceptable.
  • Are you financially able to take care of a cat?
    • Owning a cat would you to require both short and long term expenses.
    • Be committed to spending money for the cat’s food, toys, litter, scratching post, accessories and especially for veterinary costs. Although day-to-day expenses may be reasonable, an emergency situation might require thousands in Vet’s fees. As cats age, more health problems might arise which leads to more trips to the vet. Make sure you have sufficient funds for them.
  • Are you willing to make your home cat-friendly?
    • Many fosterers require that you mesh your windows and gates. You should also be willing to cat proof your home by putting away potentially harmful items such as medicines, household cleaners, outlets and cords.
    • You may have to make changes to your lifestyle – be home in time for your cat’s daily scheduled feeding time, forgo frequent overseas trips, take days off if your cat is ill, etc.
  • Ultimately, be absolutely certain that you are willing to commit the next 15-20 years of your life to being a responsible owner to a cat. 

 CWS is not a shelter and does not house any cats. However, we manage a public adoption board for anyone to post cats that need homes.
If you are a potential adopter, please do consider a few points:
1. Cats should be kept strictly indoors to minimise complaints and disputes, especially in high-rise flats.
2. Windows have to be secured with mesh or grill to keep your cats safe.
3. Cats have to be sterilised to prevent unwanted litters.
4. By adopting, you have to commit to keep it for its lifetime (15-20 years).
5. You have to be prepared to go through the adoption procedures required by fosters, which could include a screening process to ensure the adopter and the family is responsible and ready.  Fosterers will be looking out for a safe environment for the cats and dependable owners. They might even require you to sign a simple contract to ensure minimal standards of care for the cats.
There recommended adoption fee is $40-$60, but could be higher if the cat received extensive veterinary care. The fee is not meant to profit the fosterers, but to help them with the cost of foster care.  This will enable them to continue to do more for other cats once the present are rehomed.
Once you have thought through it and decide that you still want to go ahead, we hope you can give one of the cats on our public adoption board a forever home!
Read more about the adoption process and the cats available for adoption at

Being a mediator is no easy feat. You'll need the gull and an impressive set of interpersonal skills to handle the people you'll encounter. It is also not uncommon to give up most of your personal time to resolve the community problems with animals. This is why we're certainly thankful for Michelle, our vounteer mediator of 7 years.
How did you get involved?
It all started when I began to feed the first cat at my block. One day, the cat and its kitten went missing and I later found out that the Town Council had rounded up all the cats in my area to be culled in response to a resident's complaint. I was devastated and infuriated. I decided I had to make a difference to the situation. These cats should not have to perish just to satisfy a handful of feedback providers. I felt that issues with our community cats can be better tacked by speaking to the respective caregiver. Through discussion and mutual understanding, habits can be adjusted and even long standing issues can resolved amicably and humanely. 
Is it a tough job?
Yes, mediating is an extremely challenging job. It involves handling and working with the Town Councils, HDB, RC, AVA and other government bodies.It requires tact and efficiency. I used to manage 6 Town Councils, handling more than a hundred cases in certain months. On a daily basis, I hold meetings with the various authorities, carry out joint inspections, educate and work with caregivers and residents. 
What was the toughest moment you've had to face?
The toughest time thus far was when I faced accusations from Facebook netizens who expected me to handle extra cases from areas which were not under my care.They tagged me in posts and expected an instantaneous response. But when I could not respond in time, some accused me of not doing my job and said very nasty things about. It was very disheartening considering that my entire day was spent on meetings and joint inspections with the Town Council. A little understanding from residents and even fellow cat lovers would go a long way. :) 
What does it take to be a mediator?
A great mediator should have a die-hard attitude, be tolerant, patient and possess the wisdom to interact tactfully with the various authorities and not be afraid to hold Town council meetings or RC meetings with over 20 people single-handedly. Of course, one should also have the passion to help and save cats, be optimistic and stay calm when meeting difficult people and situations!

Special Appeals Spotlight

Shun Shun is a community cat in central Singapore.

He was found with a swollen ear which was drooping down heavily. He was brought to the vet and was diagnosed with a serious ear infection.

A day surgery was performed to release the blood in his ear. The total medical cost incurred for Shun Shun was SGD420.00.

The caregiver is appealing for donations to help defray the cost incurred for Shun Shun, with the appeal amount at SGD420.00.

Click here for more information on how you can help.
Rio is a cat that was abandoned with his sibling, Max, when he was diagnosed with diabetes. They are currently both being fostered in Northern Singapore.

Rio was not given proper medication and care by the previous owner which led to his condition worsening and ending up with jaundice and urinary problem too. He was sent to the vet and started his diabetes treatment.

Rio is coping well with his medication and his diabetes is now under control. His fur is starting to grow back and he looks better than before.

The total medical cost incurred so far has exceeded SGD 750.00 .

As Rio will probably undergo diabetic treatment for the rest of his life, the caregiver is appealing for donations to help defray the cost incurred for Rio, with the maximum appeal amount at SGD 750.00.

Click here for more information on how you can help.
Many more special appeals need assistance on our Special Appeals Board.

Adoption Spotlight

3-legged Cat
3 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Sweet, playful, vocal
Sterilised and litter-box trained
15 years old
Mixed Pedigree
Good blood test results
Loves wet food and sleeping
Harry a.k.a. Kuro
5 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Easy going, independent, good with humans
More info here
Many more cats are available for adoption on the Public Adoption Bulletin Board.

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