How do leaders influence employer brand?
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Why Leadership is Critical to Employer Brand

The strength of the leadership behind an employer brand program is fundamental to success, leaders set the culture across the organization and directly impact the reality of what it is like to work for an enterprise.

When we do Employer Brand Index research into corporate America, we find that a poor perception of management is a recurring issue at most workplaces, across industries and sectors. 

You have probably heard the saying "people leave managers, not companies". I believe quality leaders can be the differentiator to an employer brand, both for attraction and retention. 

I recently spoke to Morgan Hoogvelt about the impact of leadership on talent attraction, check out the interview and let me know your thoughts!

On the Employer Branding Podcast, we've spoken to Aaron Kraljev of Wells Fargo, Sue Olson of Course Hero and Susannah Sack about the DIY approach to EVP. Tune in on Apple Podcasts or Spotify today.

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Your organization's reputation as an employer is made up of many elements but in truth, it is employees who make or break your employer brand.
To attract your ideal candidate, an in-depth understanding of what they expect from the job and the organization is essential.