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Happy Holidays!! :)

So much is happening this month! I would like to welcome my colleague and friend, Dr. Brenda Yanofsky as a new contributor to Chinse Medicine Living. She is an acupuncturist and psychologist, and brings some fascinating insights from her many years of clinical practice. I am also very happy to share my interview with Wayne Fitzgerald - who has been a paramedic and firefighter for over thirty years. You will love it. <3 The recipe this month is a delicious dessert packed full of nutrition just in time for the holidays. We also have some sassy coupons - $5 off I Love Acupuncture T-Shirts, $4 off 9000 Needles Documentary and $3 off Acupuncturist. Mugs - that you can use in the Chinese Medicine living store for all your shopping needs this season. Coupons are in the inspiration section. :)

And last but not least, I would like to wish you and yours a healthy and happy holidays, and I wish you all the best for the new year!

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Here Are This Months Articles...

Elimination Issues - How to have a happy Colon :)

By Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP

A Brief History

As an acupuncturist, I spend my days talking to people about their poops. Colour, texture, consistency and smell are all discussed in detail in an attempt to ascertain what is happening inside the body, how food is being digested and the overall health of the individual. At first, this is sometimes difficult for people to talk about, and even though this might not be something to discuss at the dinner table or in polite company, it is certainly an important part of diagnosis which is why all aspects of your poop are important to me.

Problems with elimination are very common. There are many reasons for this, and in my experience, the two most common are diet and emotions. Even though the Chinese medical model teaches us to live in harmony with nature, our modern lives have become, well, unnatural. Most of us no longer eat the types of foods we have evolved to eat, we have more variety than we ever have, and we also consume more chemicals, additives and toxins in our food than we ever have before. All of these things impact out digestion, elimination and of course, the body as a whole. The emotions are also closely related to digestion and elimination. How many of us get stomach aches when we worry, or suffer from diarrhea or constipation when we are stressed?

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Living With The Seasons - Summer

Interview with a Paramedic / Firefighter

What Paramedics & Firefighters Can Teach Us About Health & Humanity

By Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wayne Fitzpatrick, and as soon as I found out he was a paramedic, my mind instantly started wondering about all the things he saw in his job. I had a million questions. Which I probably asked. And I thought, how interesting it would be to interview him so he could share his wisdom and knowledge about not only health and all the terrible things that could happen to the human body, but what his years on the job have taught him about humanity.

You may be wondering about the connection to Chinese medicine. I will say this. To keep me healthy and for most ailments I have acupuncture. I take Chinese herbs to keep my immune system strong and take different formulas when I am not feeling my best. When I am stressed out or can't sleep I put seeds in my ears. When I am run down I will make myself a nice congee (rice porridge). If I've got a cold or flu, I burn moxa. I try not to eat ice cream. I meditate twice a day. I use all the wisdom that Chinese medicine has taught me, and incorporate it into every aspect of my life. I have enormous respect for Chinese medicine and all its wisdom. But, I also know that if I were in an accident, crashed in a car, broke a bone, got shot or any other serious traumatic event, it is the paramedic and firefighters who are the ones who are going to save my life. They are the first on the scene, and they are the ones who know what to do, in an instant, to keep you from dying. So, I believe that using the right tool for the right job is important for health and everything else in your life. Got a cold? Acupuncture is awesome. So are herbs, gua sha, food therapy and moxibustion. Head trauma? Car accident? You want a paramedic, who knows what to do so that you will have the best chance of survival. So, to get a little more info about this exciting/dangerous/intense job, I sat down and asked Mr. Wayne a few questions...

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Ask an Acupuncturist.

New Year's Resolutions: Go With the Flow

By Dr. Brenda Yanofsky, AP, DOM, EdD, NCCAOM Ac

With the changing seasons and the New Year arriving, it is time to review and reconnect for the New Year. As an acupuncture physician and psychologist, I always look toward alternative medicine techniques to create an artistic template for new growth and new perceptions. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine provide wonderful balancing techniques to balance our mind, body, and soul. I always feel “lighter and smarter” after an acupuncture balancing treatment. Chinese Medicine describes the feeling as “clearing the misting of the mind”.

Imagine, a moment in time when everything is still from the modern day bombardment of our five senses: a moment of stillness…better yet, nothingness. A moment in time when we allow our body to realign, balance, flow in its own rhythm…perhaps develop “a new vision for where we are going and what our true desires are”.

To me, the gift of acupuncture is the body’s ability to create and recreate its own symphony. Our own symphonic movement will allow our “stuck energy (Qi)” to go with the flow creating a release and new possible directions. In the creation of the system of acupuncture points, the analogy of flowing water is described as well, spring, stream, river, and sea points. The ebb and flow of nature and the universe positions us to be forever changing and regenerating. If only we allow ourselves the movement of our energy to bring in new ideas and new feelings.

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Quote of the Month

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

~ Albert Einstein



Happy Holidays!!
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Recipe of the Month with NourishU

Recipe Of The Month with NourishU

8 Treasures Dessert - The Nutrient Powerhouse


Promotes yang (fire energy) and nourishes the spleen to improve appetite, digestion and strengthens the body in general.


  • snow-ear mushroom – one
  • honey dates – four
  • gingko seeds – 20
  • apple – one
  • banana – one
  • fresh lily bulb – 50gm
  • egg – one
  • tapioca pearls / sagu – 25gm
  • sugar – to taste


  1. Soak snow-ear mushroom with plenty of water for around 30 minutes. Cut out the brown base and separate mushroom into smaller pieces. Rinse a few times.
  2. Rinse honey dates and gingko, and put together with mushroom in a pot with about 8 cups of water. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove skin and core of apple, cut into small cubes and add to the cooking.
  4. Add sagu and stir until they become transparent (about 3 to 4 minutes) to act as healthy thickener.
  5. Add sugar to taste. Add more water if necessary.
  6. Separate lily bulbs and rinse clean. Cut banana into small cubes. Add the two to the cooking for just another 2 minutes more.
  7. Beat egg, pour and stir into the cooking and turn off heat. Serve warm.


Fresh gingko seeds and fresh lily bulbs can be found in most Chinese supermarkets in the refrigerated fresh produce section.

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