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Nov 21st - HIV+ Black Youth Forum
Nov 26th - Book Club for Men
Dec 1st - World AIDS Day
Dec 6th - Violence Against Women Day
Dec 6th - PHAN Client Holiday Party

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World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year and we ask you  to wear a red ribbon on December 1st to mark this occasion.  

30 years after the first cases of HIV – the red ribbon is the universal symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV.

On December 1st we are asking people in Peel Region to unite in the fight against HIV, against HIV stigma and show their support for the hundred's of people living with HIV in Peel and to commemorate those who have died.

Please visit to our Facebook page to see list of places to pick up red ribbons for yourself, your friends & staff.

Join PHAN's 'Put A Ribbon On It' Challenge

For this year's WORLD AIDS DAY,  Peel HIV/AIDS Network (PHAN), Bloom Clinic and Peel Public Health have launched a social media HIV awareness campaign #PutARibbonOnIt  and wants the Peel Community to get involved.  

Check out our #PutaRibbonOnIt Videos:#PutARibbonOnIt
WAD2015 video by PHAN staff
WAD2015 video by staff at Peel Public Health
We are challenging the Peel community to create videos supporting our campaign and upload it on our Facebook page or to YouTube.  You can download the audio track here:
Get more details of the #PutARibbonOnIt campaign here and please share it widely with your network.

PHAN Presents: Positive, Young and Black

People are often tempted to deny that HIV is relevant to their lives;  and they are often quick to judge those living with the virus.
This workshop is an excellent opportunity for young people, including those from the Black Community, to learn more about their health and the complex issues around HIV.

Where: 3034 Palstan Road, Suite 201, Mississauga
When:  November 21st
Time:   1 - 3pm

Please contact Alex Asamoah @ 905-361-0523 ext. 218 for more information

HIV Stigma & Charlie Sheen’s Outing: Things to Remember

In case you have not heard, in a television interview this week, actor Charlie Sheen revealed he has been living with HIV for 4 years.  His revelation has prompted a flurry of media attention, shameful comments and questions on Social Media about HIV that are based on ignorance and discrimination.

Sadly, four decades on since the early days of HIV/AIDS, HIV disclosure still results in rejection, in prejudice, and in discrimination.   HIV positive people can be made to feel ashamed, but the really shameful thing is that the understanding of what living with HIV is like lags in the stereotypes and myths of four decades ago

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has posted an informative blog to address some of the common misperceptions and issues related to HIV transmission risks, HIV stigma and legal ramifications of HIV disclosure.   Please click here to read the entire post

In 2015, HIV Stigma is More of an Issue than the Virus itself

Four decades on, a person living with HIV continues to face rejection, in prejudice, and in discrimination.   What is especially really HIV Stigmashameful is that the understanding of what living with HIV is like lags in the stereotypes and myths of four decades ago.  There are still many people in our community that think they can get HIV from kissing or sharing a sweater.  And then there are those that still believe it is an automatic death sentence.  In fact, life expectancy for an HIV positive person is virtually the same as for one who’s negative and new options for prevention of HIV transmission are now available in Canada.

HIV Stigma causes people to not go for HIV testing and as a result it is estimated that ~30% of the people who are HIV+ in Ontario do not KNOW their status. If we are not successful in removing HIV stigma, it will be very difficult for the province to achieve their 2025 target for zero new infections. The key to HIV prevention is removing this stigma. We must all play our part in making this happen.

PHAN is happy to do customized HIV workshops with your staff, your Clients or Community.  To request an HIV workshop click here

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