This month: We re-christen our lamb, celebrate the centenary of the launch of the Titanic and offer you Rathlin, an Island Odyssey at £9.99. Jump in!
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Laurel the Lamb

Introducing...Laurel the Lamb

You may remember our plea last month to help us find a better name for our lamb than our not very original Lambie. Well, not only did Janet McDowell from Co Down suggest the name Laurel, she also sent us in a poem to dedicate to the wee one. Over to Janet...

There once was a lamb with no name,
Who after some weeks thought this lame.
So she tweeted her plight,
By computer one night,
And awaited the results of the game.

Then in came the names she'd expected,
With humour and wit interjected.
But Lambchop and Mint Sauce,
Really got her quite cross,
And she wished she'd never connected. (to the Internet)

But after some thought she decided,
That by her wee heart she'd be guided.
She would choose one that hinted,
Where her first steps were 'minted' (excuse the pun)
And where Laurel-Lamb now is resided!

 Put like that, it's obvious really, isn't it? Thanks Janet, and Laurel baa-ed what sounded suspiciously like a sigh of relief when we told her!

Rathlin,an Island Odyssey

Rathlin, An Island Odyssey

Rathlin Island is the largest inhabited offshore island of Northern Ireland, and popular author Bernard Davey takes the reader on a series of walks to explore Rathlin. Get your copy of Rathlin, An Island Odyssey for a special summer price of £9.99 now >>>

Titanic Port

Belfast celebrated the centenary of the launch of the Titanic at the end of last month and to coincide with that, we are delighted to have added Titanic Port to our website. Written by respected journalist Alf McCreary,  Titanic Port, an Illustrated History of Belfast Port tells the tale of those who built the harbour and how, in turn, they laid the foundations of Belfast's wealth and growth. More information >>> 

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New titles on the website

We've been very busy over the last month adding new titles to our website covering such diverse topics as Downpatrick Cathedral, the life and work of Lady Mabel Annesley, the origins and growth of Belfast until 1750 and a century of Gaelic culture in the Antrim Glens, with lots more besides! Why not pop over to Cottage Publications and use our handy search function to see what we've got for you?
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