Newsletter # 1

Newsletter # 1  //  December 2011

Antiheroes and boyish pranks galore at Koldinghus Museum!

30.000 people have already experienced the engaging and charming universe that Bureau Detours created for the Ole Lund Kirkegaard exhibition at the old castle museum in the city of Kolding. You can see the works of the famous danish author and illustrator of childrens books on display until February 26th 2012.

Bureau Detours premiered by Statens Kunstfond

After setting up Dennis Design Center in central Copenhagen under the Metropolis festival in August and exhibiting Free Dennis Design Furniture under Copenhagen Design Week 2011, Bureau Detours were awarded a grant of 50.000 DKK by Statens Kunstfond (the Danish Arts Agency) for the Dennis Design Center concept:

"... with Dennis Design Center, Bureau Detours delivered a thought-provoking kick in the ar** to Danish design.
Urban space will never be the same again."

Did you miss out on Dennis in Copenhagen? Don't despair!
Dennis Design Center is designed for travel and will pop up other places in Europe in the future. We will keep you posted!

Sketching in three dimensions

While preparing for the task of a cooperation with three different brands for Sensorial Shopping, Bureau Detours developed a new approach to design processes. Sketching and meeting with your client takes on a whole new meaning with 3D mood boards!
The next newsletter will feature a special on triple Sensorial Shopping!

Merry X-mas from La Familia de Bureau Detours!
See you next year!

All photos: La Familia + Tobias Nørgaard Pedersen
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