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JUNE 3, 2016


June 7, 3-4pm: VIDD Seminar: A Year at the Medicines for Malaria Venture: Antimalarials from Academia to Product Development
Wesley Van Voorhis, MD, PhD, Location: Eastlake Building
E3-200/201, Fred Hutch

June 21, 8-9am: AIDS Clinical Conference: Solid Organ Transplant and HIV
Location: Harborview R&T Auditorium or webcast

July 29: CFAR Implementation Science SWG: Implementation Science Mini-Course
Location: University of Washington

August 4-5: Conference: Conference on Cell and Gene Therapy for HIV Cure
Location: Fred Hutch

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Funding Opportunities

Amazon Catalyst
University of Washington and Amazon (link)
Applications accepted on a rolling basis

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In India, Blood Transfusions Have Caused Thousands of HIV Infections.  U.S. News & World Report.

CDC Identifies Counties at Risk of HIV Outbreaks.  The Wall Street Journal.

New UN treatment targets for HIV/AIDS would be 'expensive but worth every penny'.  Medical Xpress.

Russian State Experts Blame Condoms for HIV Spread.  Newsweek.

OHSU's HIV vaccine moves toward clinical trial.  The Oregonian.

Many South African people whose HIV has been diagnosed have unprotected sex with a serodiscordant partner before starting ART.  aidsmap.

California lawmakers quickly pass emergency HIV-organ transplant bill.  Fox News.
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