March 2016
Individuals and churches engaging meaningfully
with those who are poor and oppressed locally and globally.   
For the sake of God's Kingdom. 

Dear Friends,

I love the painting from the life of Stephen at the head of this letter.  I think Stephen is a great Biblical example for us in so many ways.   In the painting we see him being set apart for ministry by the laying on of hands: a reminder to us that all ministry needs to be Spirit led. This act, the character and spiritual qualifications and the setting apart of a whole team show that the first apostles took the work seriously: another good reminder.  There are different interpretations of what Stephen's work entailed but what I see here is the balance of turning toward God and turning toward community.  His life so threatened the religious authorities that he became the first martyr: a measure of his impact on the natural and spiritual planes. 

God has chosen the poor to be inheritors of His Kingdom in a special way -- and any place among those who are poor can be a place of honour.  When God is honoured in the provision of daily bread for all His Kingdom comes.  When the poor cry out for justice and He answers, His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. This is the good news of the Kingdom of God: restored relationship with God, with each other and with creation.  

It seems we may have increasing opportunity to live under God in a counter-cultural manner...listening to Him will be even more essential. Wisdom will call upon us to mimic some of the traits of the dove, the snake and many other creatures.....these are complex times. 

As you can see from the above schedule, there will not be much time for local employment this coming season. In order to make this work I am hoping that some will want to support this ministry financially as we go forward. As always, I depend on God's direction in this and will go through doors as they open.
To make an offering for this ministry,
 please send your
e-transfer to: or mail your cheque to Halifax Metro Vineyard, 1129 Sackville Dr., Middle Sackville, NS, B4E 3C8. Your donation will go in its entirety to this work. You may also make arrangements to give monthly by automatic withdrawal by speaking with Ann Marie by phone (902) 864 4652 or by e-mail at She will also provide your year-end receipt for tax purposes for any of the above options. 

You can contact me anytime at
Thanks for your ongoing support!
The Kingdom Among Us continues to spread the message of local church based community development. The French translation is on its way to Haiti today in Mauricio's suitcase and we received this picture of a French speaking mission worker using the book in Senegal!   In Brazil, the Instituto Vineyard has come out with a school of ministry course to accompany the book with video clips by yours truly.  All this after 13 years in print....this still amazes me...! 
African Heritage Month just ended here in Nova Scotia. I had been impacted by the extent to which systemic racism with respect to African Nova Scotians in our province is still alive. As a result, with the guidance and leadership of some great people from the local community we were able to put on a Pastors' Breakfast and a Community Forum under the banner of "A Mighty Long Way." Both events went well and a KidsKit for African Heritage Month was written and distributed to churches. After 400 years of living on this land together it is hard to imagine the amount of work needed in this area.