Endless Summer. . . .

The beat and the flavors go on.

India Gourmet
We are excited to welcome India Gourmet to our Farmer's Market family! Stemming from Watsonville, Ca. India Gourmet is a staple of Bay Area Farmer's Markets providing delicious Indian delicacies and hearty meals. As you step onto our market's grounds, you'll be sure to smell the na'an baking. Enjoy an array of na'an wraps on the spot. You'll find a wrap for everyone: from Chicken Tikka Masala to Eggplant galore. Stop by and say hello to your new neighbor.

Food Explorers
Our brave food adventurers are back and ready to share their stories with the Hilltop Elementary School kids. Launched last Spring, Food Explorers exposes elementary students to the wonders and tastes of farms at their local farmer's markets and the produce they produce. Kids learn how to distinguish vegetables and fruits from edible seeds, roots, flowers, leaves and stems. They are also encouraged to connect to their local produce and to get to the know the farmer's that provide.
Come on down and meet the farmers and the food.
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

Food Fun: Na'an
Let your local food creators inspire you and bring some of that goodness back home. Na'an can be an intimidating bread to make, but withthe right temperatured skillet and a little kneading you'll master the puffed up flatbread. Find a recipe here.


John Roy Zat Trio

This week John Roy brings us his fiddlin', song writin', singin' and guitar pickin' skills. He'll be sure to lift your spirits with a little bit of genial warmth and a little bit of folk, country and bluegrass.

Cook Book Swap

Lacking a little creativity in the kitchen? Feeling like you're eating the same dish over and over again? Find something new to make the tastebuds salivate and percolate the cook's mind at the Farmer's Market. For the month of Spetember stop by our booth with a cookbook and exchange it for another. You'll not only expand your own palette, but help your neighbors expand theirs.

Got the Goat!

North Bay Curds and Whey brings us their newest raw goat cheese - Santiago - this week. Creamy and nutty, with natural washed rinds, it is made with milk from White Whale Farm.
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