November Comes

Fall is officially here to stay. Crisp air. Rainy days. The holidays are running towards us at top speed. Warm, comforting and local food will help keep our days bright and thankful.

Fall Produce
We have a mountain of vegetables coming down the road for Fall cooking adventures and holiday merriment - potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, winter squashes, broccoli and more. Not to mention all the wonderful Fall fruits that are traveling our way - apples, pears, persimmons and pomegranates.
Florets and flesh all anxiously waiting to be roasted or stewed.

Pie Baking Classes
Rachel from MilkGlass Baking will be offering Pie Baking classes to help you get extra prepared for your Thanksgiving feast.

Cook Book Swap

Holiday stress? Holiday blues? Worried about topping the amazing holiday meal you made last year? Check out a new recipe book for a little inspiration and tummy fulfillment. During November and December we will continue our cookbook swap. This time of year is a great opportunity to reshuffle your cookbooks and spark a few good ideas. All you have to do is bring a book to share to the market table and then pick out a new book to take home. You'll also have the opportunity to win a big raffle basket!

Stay warm. Stay dry. Come feed and get fed down at your Farmer's Market!
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

Food Fun: Butternut Bisque with Pomegranate Seeds and Goat Cheese and Crispy Autumn Salad

Soup and Salad. A classic combination for any season, any weather.

Recipe for soup here.

Recipe for salad here.


Two Acts, One Farmer's Market

This week we have the pleasure of a double act of sorts. The John Roy Zat Trio will sing and fiddle for us in the morning. Then Mark Rosenthal will share his sweet Caribbean steel drum pulses with us in the afternoon.

How to Pick the Perfect Pomegranate

The uglier the better.
When pomeganates are first plucked from the tree their inedible skin is ruby red and the fruit is relatively light. As they age and ripen however, the skin begins to brown and become tight and the fruit gets heavier. If you press into the skin you'll feel the seeds popping. These are the ones you want to take home with you. Even better and more ready to eat: the fruit has begun to split open revealing its juicy jewels inside.

And Then How to Eat It
It can take a lot of work, but here's a way to make your life a little easier.

Step One: Cut off the crown of the pomegranate.
Step Two: Make four slices into the skin of the pomegranate.
Step Three: Divide the pomegranate in half, then into quarters. (You can do this in a bowl of water so the juice doesn't splatter eveywhere.)
Step Four: Take out the seeds. Eat right away with fingers or pile into a bowl and civily eat with a spoon.

You can also roll the pomegranate around on a hard surface, squashing it slightly. Make a whole in skin. Stick straw in. Ta-da! Drink pomegranate juice!
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