The Faces of the Farmer's Market

We at the Kensington Farmer's Market take great pride in not just our farmers and vendors and their produce and artisan product, but we take pride in that we are a part of a growing network of certified California Farmer's Markets. At the heart of the farmer's market is community, connection and intimacy, but to cultivate these there is a regulatory process. Not just anyone can sell at our market and not just anyone can set up a farmer's market. Read more below about what makes the Sunday face you see every week special to our community.

Get Certified, Get Fed

The Certified Farmer's Market Program was established in 1978 as a response to the difficulty of being a small farmer in the midst of industrial agriculture. The program began with four main goals: to promote the consumption of California grown produce; promote access to California produced agricultural products; bring the farmer face to face with consumers; and provide an alternative method for growers to sell. The intention of the farmers market is to provide farmers and eaters with an accesible space where freshness and diversity are in abundance. This in turn brings health into the local economy and people's bodies.

A little about the regulations: All the farmers at the market are required to only sell food which he/she have grown. They are also only allowed to sell foods that are approved. Meanwhile, it is the job of your Market Manager to ensure that the farmers are certified, selling appropriate foodstuffs and collecting data on what is being sold and money to keep our lovely market afloat.

Read more about becoming farmers market certified on the CA Department of Food and Agriculture website.

Lastly and most importantly: Thank you so much for coming to our market. Your presence and purchases are what keep us alive and growing.
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

Food Fun: Zucchini Fritters
Soon summer squash will be replaced by our winter hard squash friends. It's time to take advantage of our softer fellows and experiment with a recipe or two.

These zucchini fritters, a recipe shared with us by one of are very own farmer's market board members, are guaranteed to be a summer hit with their crunchy crust and their sweet zucchini, fresh lemon and chive flavored insides. Check out the recipe here.


Barefoot Quales & Kickin' the Mule

This Sunday, the Barefoot Quales will lead things off at 10am. They're a young group of fiddlers who have entertained us in the past. 
Kickin' the Mule will feature market regulars Patty, Macy and Kelvin at 11.

Emerald Beaut Plum

This beautiful little yellow and green plum is in its Frog Hollow prime. The secret of the Emerald Beaut - as it ages and gets sweeter, it still maintains its youthful crispy texture.

Cook Book Swap

Lacking a little creativity in the kitchen? Feeling like you're eating the same dish over and over again? Find something new to make the tastebuds salivate and percolate the cook's mind at the Farmer's Market. For the month of Spetember stop by our booth with a cookbook and exchange it for another. You'll not only expand your own palette, but help your neighbors expand theirs.
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