Kensington Farmers' Market

Winter Arrives!

Finally! Mother Nature has come to water the land. Could it be that the Golden State is actually experiencing winter this winter?! If you are not headed to the slopes for the Slurpee™ version of winter, come down to the market to celebrate with the music of Little Spike to warm you and complimentary umbrellas to keep the moisture at bay.

Along with a hot cup of Catahoula Coffee to warm you up will be a new selection of sweet treats from Sweet Emily's Pies as well as one of our newest bakers Devon's Delectables. Devon has her world famous cinnamon buns and quiches to go or eat at the market. Montclair Soaps and Lotions will be back with us this Sunday as well as a few new crafts people.
Along with all the great artisan food products we want to remind everyone of the great produce at our market. We have 150 linear feet of nothing but oganic produce at prices that make you think you are buying conventional. Tomatero Farmers will give you three bunches of anything they sell for $5.00. Or if you don't need that much lettuce, kale, or greens you can just pay $2.00 a bunch. Rio de Parra has it all when it comes to organic carrots, celery, leeks, and potatoes - freshly harvested hours before our market's opening bells and whistles.

Oh, and be sure to Click here to see the happy winner of last week's New Year's Raffle!

Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

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