The ripeness of summer is all around

Don't let it pass you by!

Three cheers for cherry tomatoes!
The summer sun puts the flavor in the fruit. If apples are your passion Gravensteins are back from Smit Organics! But much of this fruit won't be with us for long.

Dry farm tomatoes are at their peak.  Turn down the water and turn up the flavor at Happy Boy Farms.

Peaches at Frog Hollow don't get any more flavorful and you can always put a few away for the less sunny days ahead. Melons are the best way to enjoy a healthy delicious treat on those few more weeks of picnics or outdoor BBQ  before school starts. Hers farm and Happy Boy have some of the best you will find any where, especially the Kensington Melon that Yang of Hers farm grows.

Anita Liboff provides a perfect home for showing off and consuming your gorgeous produce - stop by her booth this Sunday to admire her handthrown ceramic stoneware.

The Mule Trio will be back with more the music that makes our market hum.

Thanks for making our market so special.

Come by and pick up your favorite summer flavor.

Chris Hall a.k.a. El Jefe, your Market Manager

Food Fun: Roasted Cherry Tomato & Scallion Tart in a Whole Wheat Cumberland Cheese Crust

Finish off the summer right with a simple tart for summer picnics or patio sittings. And the little bonus of making this recipe: the sweetness of a cherry tomato popped in the mouth. Check out the recipe here

Supply A Kid with Fresh Knowledge: Donate A Backpack

Remember to bring those new or slightly used back packs to the market through August. This Sunday every back pack gets you a dollar off coupon at any of our vendors. The Kensington Farms' Market will fill them up with school supplies for kids whose family are struggling to supply their children for the year ahead.

Welcome! Achadinha Cheese Company

Jim and Donna Pacheco are going to be bringing their delicious goat cheeses to our market this Sunday.
Check out your choices at their website:

They make their cheeses fresh every day. Come down this Sunday for a taste of goat cheese heaven.
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