November to Remember

New vendors every Sunday make this a November to Remember. This Sunday it is Moon Fox Farm, next Sunday we will be joined by Oasis organic date farms. The third Sunday in November will see a new citrus vendor in our market. Our last Sunday of the month has a special surprise in store for you!!

Don't forget: Daylight Savings time is this Sunday. Fall back to Fall forward.

Welcome Moon Fox Farm!

With a new month comes not only new crops, but a whole new farm. Please welcome Annie and her Moon Fox Farm this Sunday! Annie is a Bay Area local and former Chef whose passion for nature and food brought her to farming. Currently she is working on getting Demeter (Biodynamic) certified. Biodynamics is a holistic farming method which focuses on the the relationships between soil, crops, and animals to create a self-sustaining system. (Read more about Biodynamic Farming on the side bar!) 

Annie will be bringing us a host of delicious produce throughout the months, but at her first market you'll see:
winter squash, garlic, prickly pears, rosemary, parsley and dry beans.

Stop by her booth and say "Hi!" She'd love to meet you and answer any farming, cooking, produce questions that you have.

Smit Orchards
When grapes are going out and apples are roaring in, you know autumn has officially hit.

Crimson Grapes will soon be done, but the Autumn Royal will take their seat to keep the grape alive for just a little while.

This week Niel, from Smit Orchards, will be bringing you the tart sweetness of Pink Lady Apples (as well as other Fuji apples) and those unquestionably tart Granny Smiths that are always perfect for baking. Also, watch out for their fresh pressed Apple Cider.

Indie Cakes
Anastasia, from Indie Cakes, brings us more delicious holiday treats: Gravenstein Hot Apple Cider, individual Pumpkin and Maple Pecan pies (and samples!) and Bacon Cheddar Scones featuring bacon from Fifthquarter Charcuterie.

Come and get it!
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

Food Fun: Prickly Pear Cupcakes

Prickly Pears, or cactus fruit, can be used in many ways: smoothies, salads, jams, juices for cocktails etc. They can also be used to make delicious desserts. Just make sure to peel the spines off before you eat and/or  cook with them!

Check out this cupcake recipe and feel pretty in pink for the sake of feeling pretty.

Circle R Boys
Music is one detail that is always changing. This Sunday we welcome back some excellent bluegrass with the Circle R Boys. This is one bluegrass group that doesn't leave you  feeling that all the songs sounded the same.

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming is an organic method of farming (often described as beyond organic) that emphasizes the holistic development and interrelationships between plants, soil, animals (including humans) to create a self-sustaining system. As Annie from Fox Moon Farm likes to describe it: "Broken down into its etymology the word means live or living (bio) power or forces (dynamic)." Farmers look to the natural rythms of their specific location, including celestial and terrestial influences that may affect crops and livestock, and then use this knowledge to cultivate a farming eco-system. Synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals are prohibited, as a main tenet of biodynamic farming is to enrich the Earth and increase bio-diversity. Read more at the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Associate and Demeter websites.

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