Lucky January 13, 2013 Farmers' Market

The Sharp Brothers Knife Sharpening

Five knives sharpened for $25.00

The Sharp Brothers use state-of-the-art equipment. Their 320 gritted, one-inch belt sander lays a fine burr and then a high-speed paper wheel removes it making a perfect edge without taking off much steel. 

Straight from Wisconsin, where Sharp Brothers is headquartered, you will find Austin ready to sharpen your dullest knives. Drop your knives off when you get to the market, shop and then pick them up on your way home.  

Watermelons in Winter?

The first crop of winter watermelons will be coming in from Rio de Parras Organics this Sunday. That's watermelon radishes for your salads and munching. These are some of the most delicious radishes and you won't find them easily in just any store.  Here is an easy recipe to help you to enjoy these beautiful and tasty root vegetables.


The Best Meats in Town

Our favorite and very knowledgeable charcuterie, Scott from the Fifth Quarter, will be here with specialties, including pates, sausages, crépinette, cassoulet and bacon you can be proud to bring home. 

Happy shopping. See you Sunday.
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)
music at Kensington Farmers' Market

John Roy Zat Trio

Back by special demand, John Roy Zat Trio. They are a perennial favorite at the market with John, Dorcas and Patty Hammond playing some original songs and covering some old favorites.
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