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August is the month of varietal education. From Frog Hollow peaches to Happy Boy dry farmed tomatoes and heirloom potatoes, the Farmer's Market is ripe with opportunity to explore and discover the nuances of each type of vegetable and fruit as they begin to express their unique, flavorful personality. August is also the month of education in its grounding form - the classroom and the playground of school. While farmer's cultivate the land and bring us the fruits of their labor; students cultivate their minds and share the fruits of their knowledge. Unfortunately, neither food nor education are equally accessible. We are supporting our seedlings as they grow, ripen and mature by collecting backpacks and then filling them with school supplies. But we need your help! Check out the side bar below for more information.

Happy Boy Farms
Potatoes. Patatoes. Whichever way you choose to say it, Happy Boy Farms will dig you up something unexpected. With six heirloom potato varieties, Happy Boy  Farms is changing not only what it means to be a tuber, but what it means to eat a tuber. Check out their "potato bar" chock-full of colorful, tasty and tender delicate non-peel skin "new" potatoes that will excite the root buds. You'll have to come up with a new pronunciation for potatoes after this.

This week Elite Eats will be sharing one of their secrets to making a mouthwatering Gourmet Hot Dog: topping it with the fermented deliciousness of Farmhouse Culture Saurkraut. Farmhouse Culture is a local family run business that sell a line of jarred krauts and pickled goodies. At Farmhouse they believe in preserving the traditional art of lactic fermentation - using only local, farm fresh vegetables to highlight the quality of technique. Grab a dog this Sunday and if you like what you taste, pick up a jar to take home. 

Summer just keeps rolling on. 

Come on down and keep rolling with us!

Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)


Help a kid succeed. Donate a Backpack this Month. 

During the month of August, the Kensington Farmer's Market will be collecting new and slightly used backpacks for families that are having trouble meeting the financial needs of sending their kids off to school this year. The Farmer's Market will then fill the backpacks with a plethora of supplies to help families start off the new school year right. 
Help us create a student's horn of plenty! Drop off a backpack this Sunday.

Food Fun: Potato Taco Recipe

This is a favorite at Happy Boy Farms. The recipe comes straight from a cooking class taken by a Happy Farmer in Mexico. Simple for summer time, all it takes is some unpeeled potatoes, a little mashing, oil, a dash of cilantro and a kick of spice.

Find the recipe and more here.

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