You can't deny July!

July is the month when everything is in season. We've got a great line-up of the sweetest peaches, ripest tomatoes, and juiciest pluots to fill your summer table. This is the last week to get delicious blueberries and the first week to start cooking up all kinds of vegetables--from eggplant to potatoes--on the grill!

Smit Orchards
It's full blown summer at our market and organic cherries and blueberries are at their peak from Smit Orchards (more...). This first generation Dutch family set up their farm in the San Joaquin valley in the fifties, growing high quality apples, cherries, and blueberries and using sustainable farming practices to promote the most natural environment possible. Their son Neil staffs our market every Sunday and works hard to bring you the best of the season--stop by and say hello to him at the Smit Orchards booth this week! Next month he'll be bringing out the Smit's renowned organic apples, picked at the peak of ripeness and transported that day from the farm to your table. It's hard to get closer to the source than that!

Come on down, summer is ripe and ready!
Chris Hall
Your Market Manager (AKA El Jefe)

Chaz & Co.

Music this week is provided by the multi-instrumentalist Chaz and Company. I've lost count of the number of instruments this man can play, not to mention the number of songs in his repertoire! 
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